Neurogenesis ii)

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How does NeuroD contribute?Stabilises neuronal phenotype- effects are cell type dependant ie motor vs cortical neuones
What is the effect of a constitutive B catenin?A prominent DRG develops at the expense of othe NCC derivatives ie Schwann cells and melanocytes
When are Ngn1 and 2 expressed ?in migrating cell pop/ During DRGenesis
What labels the 3 neuronal subtypes?TrkA =Noxci TFKB=Mech TrkC=Proprio
What purpose does Islet 1 serve?Represses early neurogenic factors Ngn1+2 and NeuroD NS, Promotes expression of lineage specific
WHAT IS ACTIVATION OF LINEAGE SPEFIC GENES ACC BY?Suprresion of alternative lineage progression
Which gene instructs glial fate?Neuralgin NGR1
What do Runx1 and 3 do? Where are they expressed?TF factors associated with transcription of lineage specific genes 1= Noci 3= Propri
What is the evidence that Notch signals promote a glial fate?Soluble Dll Treatment causes rat NCCs- glial fate
What is a marker for satellite gliaSox2
what is a marker for migratory cellsSox10

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