Neurogenesis i

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What are Ngn 1 and 2Basic Loop Helix Transcription factors?
What is Ngn1 required for1)r development of all NC-derived sensory neurons, plus trigeminal & otic placode-derived neurons
What is Ngn 2 req for?2) Devo of certain NCC's + epibranchial placode derived neurones
When is Ngn1 expressed? How do we know?After gangliogenesis has begun ISH
How do we know Ngn2 biases sensory fateCre labelling- all labelled cells reside in DRg
What role does Npn2 play? Evidence?Bias twd sensory.Nrp-Cre Kikume labelled cells. LacZ reporter confined to DRG
What occurs with Nrp1 overexpession? What does this suggest?Ectopic sensory neurones along peripheral nerves+in sympathetic gangli. Therefore promotes sensory fate
What does Neuro D recognise?E box
How do we do Wnt is essential for sensory fatesGenetic depletion of B catenin results in absence of DRG. Missing Ngn2+ population

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