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Medulla oblongatabrain stem, metabolic and organ function + relaying information to midbrain & spinal chord
Ponsbrain stem relay info to mid and hindbrain
Cerebellum:superior to spinal chord, coordination of movement and “muscle memory”
ThalamusRelay info to motor cortex & cingulate gyrus
Tectumcontrols eye movement & relays auditory signals
Superior Colliculitectum, visual reflexes
Inferior Colliculitectum, auditory reflexes
HypothalamusEndocrine control center

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Basal Gangliadiencephalon, regulation of body movement & cognitive function
StriatumConveys signals in basal ganglia
Caudate Nucleuscoordination of movement and cognitive ability
Globus Palliduscoordinating movement (in conjunction with the rest of the Basal Ganglia)
Putamenmidbrain coordinating movement

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Longitudinal FissureSeparates Frontal/Parietal lobes
Lateral (Sylvian) FissureSeparates Temporal / frontal cortex
Central Sulcus Bisects the brain superior to the Corpus Callosum
Calcarine Sulcussurface of the occipital lobes
Cingulate Gyruscortex directly superior to the corpus callosum
Cingulate SulcusSulcus directly superior to the Cingulate Gyrus
Meningesthree layers structures surrounding the brain.
Dura Mater“tough mother” outermost layer
Pia Materinner most layer
Arachnoidmiddle layer
Subarachnoid space CSF-filled space between pia mater and arachnoid membrane

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