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Part 1

Medulla oblongata: brain stem, metabolic and organ function + relaying information to midbrain & spinal chord
Pons: brain stem relay info to mid and hindbrain
Cerebellum: superior to spinal chord, coordination of movement and “muscle memory”
Thalamus: Relay info to motor cortex & cingulate gyrus
Tectum: controls eye movement & relays auditory signals
Superior Colliculi: tectum, visual reflexes
Inferior Colliculi: tectum, auditory reflexes
Hypothalamus: Endocrine control center


Basal Ganglia: diencephalon, regulation of body movement & cognitive function
Striatum: Conveys signals in basal ganglia.
Caudate Nucleus: coordination of movement and cognitive ability
Globus Pallidus: coordinating movement (in conjunction with the rest of the Basal Ganglia)
Putamen: midbrain coordinating movement

Sulci and Gyri

Longitudinal Fissure: Separates Frontal/Parietal lobes
Lateral (Sylvian) Fissure: Separates Temporal / frontal cortex
Central Sulcus: Bisects the brain superior to the Corpus Callosum
Calcarine Sulcus: surface of the occipital lobes
Cingulate Gyrus: cortex directly superior to the corpus callosum
Cingulate Sulcus-: Sulcus directly superior to the Cingulate Gyrus
Meninges: three layers structures surrounding the brain.
Dura Mater: “tough mother” outermost layer
Pia Mater: inner most layer
Arachnoid: middle layer
Subarachnoid space: CSF-filled space between pia mater and arachnoid membrane