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Question Answer
Which 2 Parkinson's drug is contraindicated with glaucoma?Levodopa and benztropine
Which Parkinson's drug can turn your urine orange?Levodopa and Carbidopa
What is requip (ropinirole) used for?Parkinson's (restless leg syndrome)
Which Parkinson's drug is contraindicated for patients with Myasthenia gravis?benztropine
What determines the scope of practice of nurses?Nurse practice act
Is accreditation voluntary or mandatory?Educational institutions and programs may voluntarily seek this type of accreditation for both their general education and specialized programs.
Can course work completed at an approved institution be accepted for transfer to another accredited institution?No
The set of laws regulating the practice of nursing is termed what?Nurse Practice Act
What is the administrative department of the government legally empowered to carry out the provisions of the Nurse Practice Act?state board of nursing
What is brudzinskis?one of the physically demonstratable symptoms of meningitis. Severe neck stiffness causes a patient's hips and knees to flex when the neck is flexed
What are the 2 physical signs of meningitis?Brudzinski and kernigs
What is obtundation?a condition in which the senses have been dulled by trauma, mistreatment or psychological stress
What is papilledema?swelling of the optic disc usually due to increased ICP
What is uncal herniation?a subtype of brain shift downward due to increased ICP.
Which cranial nerve does the snelling chart test?II optic
Which cranial nerves does the swallow test test?IX glossopharyngeal and X Vagus
What are the 3 types of asphagia and define them. expressive- inability to express oneself using motor functions or speech. receptive asphasia- inability to understand words that are spoken. Global- combination of the two
What are some patiet education for EEG?-lots of wires, no electric shock, shampoo hair before and after (gel used), withhold anticonvulsants, antidepressants, stimulants x 24-48 hours, eat regularly, no sedation
Name 2 types of ventrical shunts for hydrocephalusVA shunt ventriculoatrial and VP ventriculoperitoneal
Post op care after placement of shuntPosition off of shunt. Teach parents care of shunt (pump). administer analgesic. Encourage parental involvement. Monitor for ileus. burp freq. Elevate head after eating.
What is the universal sign for CP?delayed gross motor development
S/S for CPdelayed gross motor development. Poor head control. stiff or rigid arms. Arching back. Limp body. Slow to develop physically. slow weight gain. feeding difficulty.
What are 3 components for cognitive impairment? trisomy211. sub-average intellectual functioning. 2. deficits in adaptive behavior. 3 onset before 18yrs
What is the biggest concern for CP? diet?nutritional needs. high caloric and high protein.
What is the symptoms for mild cognitive impairment? IQ level?50-75 IQ. Slow to walk/talk. mental age 8-12. can marry and child bearing with support. ability for self support.
What is the symptoms for moderate cognitive impairment? IQ level?35-50 IQ. delays in motor development. slow speech development. mental age 3-7. can learn manual skills and functional reading. Needs help with self maintenance.
What is the symptoms for severe cognitive impairment? IQ level?25-35 IQ very marked delay in motor development. little/no communication. usually walks. some speech understanding. mental age of toddler. can do repetitive skills.
What is the symptoms for profound cognitive impairment? IQ level?IQ below 25 may be unable to evaluate IQ. minimal ability to function. needs total care. gross delays in all areas of development.
What are the nursing mgmt for cognitive impairment?Intervene appropriate to developmental age. 2 Early identification 3. IEP (ind edu plan) 4. positive reinforcement 5. treat physical handicaps 6. discipline - like mental age 7. socialization 8. promote independence

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