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sensory attention - which lobe?parietal lobe
pineal tumor affects which part? and causes what palsy?midbrain, vertical gaze palsy
ICP --> shift of intracranial content and progress to ?coning
coning ? and how does it lead to deathherniated cerebellum --> pressed on medulla
where does acoustic schwannoma arise ?cerebellopontine angle
acoustic schwannoma causes (3)vertigo, tinnitus, facial nerve palsy IPSILATERAL
lumbar puncture in SOL would lead one life threatening condition?coning
hydrocephalus -- > ? raised ICP
corticosteroids not effective in reducing ICP mannitol can be useful but may lead to rebound ICP after prolonged use
rx of ICPraise head to 30-40
most common presentation of SOLseizure
inv for blackoutECG, lying and stand BP, MRI/CT, blood glucose, electrolytes
whcih electrolytes (2) --> seizureCa Na
which electrolyte (2) --> AFMg K
phenytoin and sodium valporate CI in preg, give what insteadlamotrigine, carbamazepine
for focal seizure treat with?carbamazepine
imaging for status epilepticus CT
imaging for everyone else (ie not status epi)MRI
unexpected death in EP due to ?respiratroy apnea
rx of status epi1) benzo ( buccal midazolam, IV lorazepam, rectal diazepam) 2. valporate, phenytoin, levetiracetam 3. sedate, intubate, anaesthesia
hippocampus functionepisodic memory (day to day memory) and spatial memory
which visual reflex affected by lesion involving posterior commissuretpupillary light reflex
what links broca and wenickearcuta fasciculus
lesion of arcuate fasciculus --> ? and lesion due to stroke in which artery?conduction aphasia MCA
infarct in which thalamic nucleus would cause contralateral hemi- anaesthesia (loss of sensation on one side)vpn
where in internal capsule infarct would -> hemiplegia posterior limb
clinical effect of transecting left crus cerebri for corticospinal tractright hemiplegia (because its before pyramid)
crossed cortico supplies?distal limb
uncrossed cortico supplies?axial muscle and trunk
gracile fasciculus carries ?lower limb vibration and proprioception
cuneate fasiculus carriesupper limb vibration and proprioception
lesion @ where --> ataxiacerebellum
posterior column lesion -> ataxia
2nd order neuron is the one cross
sensory tract first order neuron lies @dorsal root ganglion
Syringomyelia spares which tract?dorsal column
unilateral temporal lobe infarction does NOT cause contralateral deafness but causes what effect on hearing?cant locate where voice is from
broca function?expressive
where is wernicke?superior temporal gyrus
wernicke for?comprehension
broca lesion--> ? speechnon- fluent speech
word substituion, neologisms but speech remains fluent --> what dysphasia wernickes
if broca lesion is on the non- dominant side -->?dont have non- verbal expression
what is the symptoms of conduction aphasia?normal comprehension and expression , but cant repeat simple phrases e.g. if no and but
lingual gyrus is where meyers loop terminate , if lesion --> ?superior quandranopia
unable to recognise face --> lesion @?fusiform gyrus @ occipito- temporal
lock in syndrome --> artery? @ where?basillar artery @ pons
embolus more likely to cause ischemic stroke thatn atherosclerotic plaque
posterior cerebral artery supplies ? (2)occipital and inferior temporal
occlusion of left posterior cerebral artery --> what visual field defect?contralatereal hemianopia with macular sparing
lacunar infarct affects which part of brainbasal ganglia and internal capsule
alternating hemiplegia stroke @ where?brainstem
anti emetics work @ ?area postrema
which part of cerebellum is most likely to atrophy in chronic alcohol use?vermis and anterior (--> gait, tone and posture)
stroke --> upper motor neuron facial weakness --> pattern? spare the forehead
bell's palsy clinical feature LMN facial nerve palsy
cavernous sinus syndrome --> what syndromehorner syndrome
cavernous sinus components?3,4,v1,v2, interncal carotid , 6
internuclear ophthalmoplegia where is lesion?MLF
what is normal in INO ? and this distinguish from 3rd nerve palsyconvergence
INO seen in what condition?MS
rapid correction of hypoNA -->? central pontine myelinolysis
lesion @ where -> lateral gaze palsy?pons
left lesion in hypoglossal nucleus -->? tongue deviated to left

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