Neuro Shelf III

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Question Answer
ethanol usesuperior vermis of cerebellum
toxic lead exposurebrain edema and may be lethal
most common site of damage in adults exposed to leadradial nerve
signs associated with lead neuropathyabdominal pain, constipation, anemia, and a linear discoloration along the gingival margin
treatment for lead toxpenicillamine
acute poisoning with arsenicmay cause tonic clonic seizures
manganese poisoningparkinsonism is the most prominent feature but axial rigidity and dystonia may also develop
organophosphate poisoningDUMBBELSS. Diarrhea, Urination, Miosis, Bronchospasm, Bradycardia, Lacrimation, Sweating and Salivation
methanol poisoningCNII defects to the optic disc
methanol antidoteethylene glycol

Visual defects

Question Answer
light flashes, floaters or a curtain coming across their visual fielddetached retina
painless visiom losscentral retinal vein occlusion
floaters and hemorrhagevitreous hemorrhage
most common cause of amaurosis fugaxretinal emboli from the carotid artery

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