Neuro headaches

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prolonged jaundice, meconium ileusneonate with CF
pneumonia, rectal prolapse, steatorrhea, hemolytic anemia infancy with CF
resessive, chronic pulmonary diease with GI disturance and EXOcrine dysfunctionCF
polyps, steatorrhea, rectal prolapse, hemolytic anemiachildhood with CF
Aspergillos, nasal polyps, hempotysisadolescent with CF
CFTR mutation, sweat CL- testCF
50% more calorires, liberal fats (statorrhea), polycose fat souble vitaminsCF
predominant characteristic of bronchopulmonary dysplasiahypoxemia on room air
single most predicitive factor in developing bronchopulmonary dysplasiabirth weight
primary treatment for bronchopulmonary dysplasiaadequate oxygenaiton
most common brain tumor in childrenmedullobastoma
jack knife seizuresinfantile spasms
20% 15 year old GIRLS and 10% 15 year old BOYSheadaches
below 5 years old with complaints of headachemore likely an organic cause
vomiting with ICPNOT usually associated with nausea
temperature and BPvital in dx headaches
pseudotumor cerebriobese teenagers who have increase ICP for no reason and swells optic nerve
carotid-cavernous fistula, AV malformation, sever carotid stenosisascultate for bruit in temporal area
+ petechiae,/purpura with headachemeningococcemia
galactorrheapituatary microadeonma
unilater nasal congestionautonomic dysfunction
headaches with rage outbursts dx with EEGtemporal lobe seizures
lab for pituatary adenomaprolactin
hx of head trauma, unilateral cranial bruit, change in frequency/severity of pain, no improvements on meds, FOCAL neuro findingsall organic causes = needs MRI
ct scan assure anxious parents
CBC, CMP, ESRlabs for headaches
most common type of headache in adolescenttension
new onset under 3 months, double vision, awaken child from sleep, pain/vomiting in AM that improves with daytime being uprightorganic cause of HA
amenorrhea and galactorrhea, changing position, straining or coughing makes pain worse, pain in OCCIPUT, patechiae, lethargyorganic cause of headaches

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nausea vomiting abdominal painclassic migraine 10 years and older
uni-lateral, one side of head during episodeclassic migraine 10 years and older
sudden confusion/irritationclassic migraine 10 years and older
alice in wonderland syndromeclassic migraine 10 years and older
often relieved with sleepclassic migraine 10 years and older
pusitile painclassic migraine 10 years and older
+ auraclassic migraine 10 years and older
postiitcal sleepy with hangover mood swingsclassic migraine 10 years and older
changes with barametric pressureclassic migraine 10 years and older
frontal locationcommon migraine 10 years and younger
often after sleepcommon migraine 10 years and younger
dull, squeezing, generalizedcommon migraine 10 years and younger
rarely unilateralcommon migraine 10 years and younger

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great for those with aurasabortive meds
sumatriptan Imatrexabortive: contraindicated in MAOI, HTN, PREGS, s/e: coronary artery spasms first hour of taking
ergots: Catergot/Ergotamineabortive: 1 tab q30 minutes max 3 tabs
midrin Isomethepteneabortive: mild sedative
fioricetabortive: caution in depressed can OD on this
reglan, phenerganantinausea: increase gi motility/absorb anti-migraine meds better
headaches at least 3 times a month severe enough to interfere with activityprophylatic meds
propanolol Inderalcontraindicated in asthma, heart disease, depression, pregnancy, diabetes
verapmilalternate to propanolol with contraindications
great for those with depression and need head phrophzoloft
trycyclic antidpressents Amitriptylinegood for depressed teens with tension HA's NOT DOC d/t overdose ability with meds: CARDIAC TOXICITY AND ARRYTHMIAS
NO more than 3 days of OTC drugs in a weekcan cause rebound HAs and overuse

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