Neuro- ANS Class 1

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The ANS is a branch of what type of nervous system?It is a branch of the Peripheral nervous system, it is overall efferent. Involuntary.
How does the ANS function?Via reflex arcs. Sensation- Analysis- Action.
What are the components of the reflex arc?1) Sensory Receptor 2) Sensory Neuron 3) Integrating Centers 4) Motor Neuron 5) Effector
When regarding neural circuits for motor control, what neurons provide impulses for voluntary movements?Somatic Motor
What type of neurons provide impulses for involuntary motor action w/ SMT/Glands?Autonomic Motor

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The ANS consists of Autonomic sensory neurons from..visceral organs + blood vessels.
The ANS consists of integrative centers in the CNS, which ones?Hypothalamus, and the Limbic system.
The ANS consists of motor neurons to effectors in ...SMT, cardiac muscle tissue, and glands.
ANS also contains what self sufficient subdivision?Enteric Nervous System,
Where is the ENS located?Within nerves and ganglia in the walls of the GI tract.
What layer is the nerves/ganglia for the ENS located in the GI tract?The muscularis layer, (middle)

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The ANS sensory neurons are associated with what...Interoceptors.
What are they?Receptors that monitor internal environment of internal organs, blood vessels, and chemical changes in body fluids.
Autonomic Motor Neurons regulate..visceral activities in the effectors by increasing or decreasing ongoing activities.
In the absence of ANS control, would tissues be able to function?To some extent they would be able to function that does not require a centralized control.
Can autonomic responses be consciously altered?Most cannot be consciously controlled to any great extent.
The regulation of some autonomic activities can be achieved with..Long term meditation/breathing exercises etc.
ANS receptors may be influenced by..signals from sensory receptors via limbic system.
What would those type of signals do..increase heart rate, increase sweating, etc.
What effect may biofeedback have on HR and blood pressure?May be used to decrease HR/BP.

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Most ANS pathways consist of how many motor neurons?Two
Where would the first be located? Whats it called?Preganglionic, in the CNS
What are the characteristics of this motor neuron?Myelinated, extends from CNS to autonomic ganglion in PNS, secretes Ach
Where is the second located, whats it called.Postganglionic, located in PNS.
What are the characteristics of this Motor neuronUnmyelinated, extends from ganglion to effector, secretes either Ach or NE.

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In the ANS- does the axon of the first motor neuron always extend to the autonomic ganglion?Not always, synapse may occur in the medulla of the Adrenal Gland- in cells called Chromaffin.
These special cells will secrete what ?Epinephrine or Norepinephrine into blood stream. NOT Ach!!
The chromaffin cells do not have what features?Projections, Axons.
They are considered Neurotransmitters, what else are they considered to be?Hormones, because they are secreted into the blood stream.