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Meniere's- what should you avoid/ key tipavoid caffeine, alcohol, and aspirin. Get up slowly
Hemiplegia-paralysis on one side of the body or part of it- motor injury
Hemiparesis-weakness of one side of the body or part of it,
quadriplegia/tetraplegia-paralysis of both arms and legs w/ dysfunction of bowel and bladder
Dyarthria-difficulty of articulating
Ataxia-inability to coordinate muscles- lack of voluntary movement
Nystagmus-involuntary oscillation of the eyeball
What are phenytoin side effects?Osteopororsis, Gingival hypertrophy, Hirsutism, Acne.
What are phenytoin toxic level signs?Nystagmus, ataxia and encephalopathy
Which drug can mask the s/s of MG and make it worse?Novocain
What are common signs for absent seizures?lip smacking, nonpurposeful movements, and staring into space
NCLEX order for seizuresairway safety observe time
Difference between Huntington's and MS?MS doesn't have the cognitive defects

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