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What would the fundus look like if a pt has HTN or high cholesterol?HTN- flame shaped red smudges. High cholesterol- yellow appearance
Which 2 tests are used for macular degeneration?Color vision testing and Amsler grid
What can the fluorescein and indocyanine green angiography test for?macular edema. The dye may leave a gold tone to skin and urine may turn orange.
What does tonometry, gonioscopy, and perimietry test do?Tonometry- measure intraocular pressure. Gonioscopy- Visula angle of anterior chamber. (glaucoma pt) Perimetry testing- evaluates the field of vision
What is emmetropia, myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism?Emmetropia - normal vision, Myopia- nearsighted Hyperopia- farsighted and Astigmatism- distortion caused by irregularity of the cornea
4 Medication used for glaucomaanti inflammatory- corticosteroids, Miotics- increase outward flow, Adrenergic- reduces production, beta blockers- decrease pressure
Post op care for cataract surgeryeye patch 7-15 days. Avoid lifting pulling pushing 15 lbs. Pain should resolve with tylenol. no bending over )increase eye pressure
s/s of retinal detachmentSensation of a shade or curtain coming across the vision of one eye. 2. bright flashing lights 3. sudden onset of floaters

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