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What is the first sign of ALS? How does the pt usually die?trouble with dexterity. progresses from fingertips in. Pt usually dies from respiratory depression.
What is the most common muscular dystrophy? main sign?Duchenne. Walks and then reverts back to crawling.
What are the clinical mani for MG?Mild diplopia (dbl vision) 2. unilateral ptosis 3. weakness 4. bowel/bladder incontinence 5. Myathenic crisis (breathing muscle weakness RISK FOR ASPIRATION) 6. Cholinergic crisis ( over medication)
What are the dx test for MG?ABG- resp insufficiency 2. pulmonary function tests 3. EMG 4. Tensilon test- allows the acetylcholine to bind with receptor. + test= MG
Therapeutic mgmt for MG? Name the 4 medication therapiesThymectomy (thymus) Plasmapheresis and medication. Meds- Anti cholinesterases (neostigmine, pyridostigmine) 2. Immunosuppressants 3. Anti inflammatory drugs 4. Atropine
What is Huntington's and what is the top nursing dx?Premature death of cells in the part of the brain that controls body movement. Risk for aspiration.
What medication can control chorea?benzodiazepine
What are the 3 stages of Alzheimer's?Early- Minor forgetfullness, shouldn't drive car, pt is aware. Middle- Worsen, apraxia, language deficits Late- increased dependence, aphasia, incontinence, loss of motor skills and cognitive skills
What types of medications are contraindicated for pt with alzheimers?antihistamines and antidepressants
What type of medication for pt with alzheimers?Reversible acetylcholinesterase inhibitors- cognex, aricept, exelon
What is the Weber test? conductive vs neual heraing loss resultsBone conduction to test sound. (tuning fork) Conductive- hear sounds better in affected ear. Neural- hear sound better in better ear
What is the Rinne test?Tuning fork between the opening of the ear canal. tests for air conduction
What does tympanogram test for?measures middle ear muscle reflex.- diseases
Conductive hearing loss is caused by what?external or middle ear problem
Sensorineural hearing loss is what?damage to the cochlear or vestibular cochlea nerve
Functional hearing loss is what?emotional hearing problem
What is serous otitis media?poppin, fullness, membrane is dull. Fluid in the middle ear without evidence of infection
What is ossiculoplasty?reconstruction of middle ear
What are the major goals of mastoid surgery?reduction of anxiety. Freedom from pain and discomfort. prevention of infection.
What is Meniere's disease? s/s Physical exam will be normal except cranial nerve 8!Abnormal inner ear fluid balance. Fluctuating, progressive hearing loss. Tinnitus. Feeling of pressure or fullness. Episodic, incapacitating vertigo
What is the tx for Meniere's disease?Meclizine, sedatives, antiemetics and surgery. Limit sodium for fluid balance. No Aspirin (increases tinnitus)

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