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Neuro 4

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What are the 6 s/s of Guillain- Barre?weakness or paralysis (FEET UP!). 2 Paresthesias 3. Muscle aches, cramping pain 4. Respiratory compromise 5. Difficulty speaking, dysphagia 6. Autonomic dysfunction
What results would the LP test have for a pt with GB?elevated protein
What are 2 things to monitor when a pt has plasmapheresis? Bleeding - lack of clotting factors. fluid and electrolyte imbalances
What are the 5 medication therapies for a pt w GB?IV immunoglobulins. 2 Adrenocorticotropic hormones 3. corticosteroids 4. Anti-inflammatory drugs 5. Supportive medications
Bell's Palsy is the disorder of what cranial nerve? Clinical mani?7th. Sudden onset. Unilateral facial paralysis. Pain behind the ear or along the jaw may precede paralysis.
Nursing care for Bell's palsy?Eye care (patch) soft diet- chew on unaffected side, and pain control
Trigeminal Neuralgia is the chronic disease of which cranial nerve? s/s?5th. Facial pain (brief, repetitive episodes of pain, unilateral)
Treatment for Trigeminal neuralgia? Nursing dxAnalgesics. Last resort is rhizotomy. Acute pain and risk for altered nutrition
Education for trigeminal neuralgia?Teach about meds. Decrease triggers. Nutritional assessment. Protect face from cold. dental exams
What are the diagnostics for meningitis?LP and cultures (blood, urine, throat, and nose)
Therapeutic mgmt for bacterial meningitisMedical emergency. Fatal within days. antibiotics PCN ceftriaxone w/in 30 min of arrival. Placement of Ommaya reservoir. Anticonvulsants
What is encephalitis?Acute inflammation of the parenchyma of the brain or spinal cord. Arbo virus from mosquito/ tick, west nile virus
What is a simple seizure? complex partial?simple- one hemisphere, alteration in motor functions. complex partial- originate in temporal lobe. preceded by an aura. altered LOC. repetitive nonpurposeful movements
What is generalized seizure?Partial seizure that has spread to both hemispheres
What is status epilecticus seizures?Does not allow any recovery period from seizures. life threatening.
What are 2 main pt education on antiseizure meds?Take exact dose. Liver function test
Parkinson's - too much what and not enough what?too much actylcholine and not enough dopamine
If a patient has glaucoma, what parkinson's drug is off the table?Levodopa
What would the BMP result show for a pt with parkinson's?Low protein and low albumin
What are the medication therapies for pt's with parkinson's?MAO inhibitors 2. Dopamine medications (Levodopa/Carbidopa, symmetrol) 3. Propranolol (tremors) 4. Anticholinergic 5. Antidepressants (amitriptyline)
Diet for parkinson's?high in bulk and fluids. Normal protein amounts - too much decreases medication
What are the dx testing for MS?LP (CSF shows IgG bands) MRI, CT, Muscle testing
What are the 8 medications for MS? Beware of hypotension from meds1. Immunosuppressants 2. Antivirals 3. Coritcosteroids 4. Antibiotics 5. interferon-alpha 6.Copaxone (block myelin damaging tcells) 7. Anticholinergics 8. Antispasmodics

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