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Neuro 3

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Question Answer
What is a TIA? how long does it take to resolve? 5 causes?Mini stroke. Brief neurological deficits. Resolves within 24 hours. 1. inflammatory arterial disorders. 2 sickle cell anemia 3. Thrombosis 4. emboli 5.atherosclerotic changes in cerebral vessels
If a CVA is in the cerebrum Rt hemisphere, what are the s/s?Left sided paralysis. difficulty judging distances and guiding hands. Poor short term memory
If a CVA is in the cerebrum Lt hemisphere, what are the s/s?Speech and language. Slow cautious behavior, short term memory
If a CVA is in the brain stem, what are the s/s?breathing and heart function difficulties. Impaired eye movement, hearing, speech, and swallowing. Paralysis on one or both sides.
If a CVA is in the cerebellum, what are the s/s?Abnormal reflexes. Coordination of balance. Dizziness, nausea, vomitting
What are the 4 Dx tests for CVA?lab tests. CT. MRI. carotid ultrasound
When is the stroke depression scale done?72 h post stroke
Nursing interventions post stroke and not on TPAO2 >92%, HOB >30, ffreq neuro assessment
4 Medications post strokeantiplatelet, anticoagulants, osmotic diuretics, and antiseizure
What are the 4 types of spinal injuries?hyperflexion, hyperextension, axial loading, and excessive rotation
Spinal nerve function- C1-3? C4?Neck muscles. C4- diaphram, trapezius and respirations
Spinal nerve function- C5? C6?C5- Deltoid , biceps, shoulder strength, full head control. C6- Dorsiflexion of wrist
Spinal nerve function- C7? C8?C7- Triceps, elbow extensions. C8- flex fingers
Spinal nerve function- T1? T2-5?T1- full hand movement, spreading of fingers. T2-5 use of intercostal muscles
Spinal nerve function- T6-T10? T11-L5?T6-T10- use of abdominal muscles. T11-L5- hip flexion and knee extension
Spinal nerve function- S1-S5?full leg, foot, and ankle control, possible bladder control
Thoracic injuries T1-T10 may cause? T11 and below?T1-T10 may cause legs paralyzed. T11 and below: able to walk with brace
What are the 5 medication therapies used with spinal cord injuries?Corticosteroids, vasopressors, anti-spasmodics, analgesics, tricyclic antidepressants
What are the 6 s/s of spinal shock?Falling BP. Paralysis, bladder distention, bowel distention, paralytic ileus, decreased respirations
What should you discourage post op cervical fusion? Coughing
What is a laminectomy?removal of vertebral posterior arch to relieve pressure on nerve roots

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