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Neuro 2

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Question Answer
What are the neuro deficits of spina bifida occulta? Medical intervention?None.
What are the 3 clinical symptoms of Meningomyelocele?Loss of motor and sensory abilities below deficit. Sweating ability impaired. Loss of bowel and bladder control
What is the best positioning preop for meningocele?prone 15-30 degrees. Keep steril dressing over sac.
Where is an encephalocele located?In occipital area of cervical spine.
Where is an epidural hematoma located? LOC?Between the dura and skull. Brief loss of LOC then lucid then loss of LOC perm.
S/S of increased ICP?increased BP, bradypnea, bradycardia
Where is a subdural hematoma located? Forms between the dura and the arachnoid. involves veins but may involve small arteries
How often are the neuro checks for a pt with hematoma? on TPA?Neuro checks every 1 hour. on TPA every 15 minutes
brain tumor in frontal lobe s/s? parietal? temporal?Frontal- behavior, personality, memory. Parietal- sensory, paresthesia visual. Temporal- psychomotor, seizures, vomiting
Brain tumor in occipital s/s? cerebellum? pituitary?Occipital- visual. Cerebellum- coordination, gait, balance. Pituitary- endocrine, visual, HA
What are the top 3 nursing dx for brain tumors?Anxiety. Risk for infection. Disturbed self-esteem
What are the 4 s/s of aneurysm?Change in LOC. 2. Severe HA. 3. nuchal rigidity 4. Cranial nerve deficits (facial pain. droopy eyelids. double vision)
What are the 4 ways to diagnose an aneurysm?CT, MRI,LP (presence of blood), and angiography
What are the 5 ways of medical management for aneurysms?Lower blood pressure. Dilantin (phenytoin), Stool softener, analgesics (tylenol), surgery
What is the normal level of ICP?5-10 mmHg
What are the 2 early signs of ICP?change in LOC. Blurry vision (decreased visual acuity, pupillary changes)
What are the 3 late signs of ICP?HA, papilledema, vomiting
What are the 3 diagnostics for ICP? what dx can you NEVER do for a pt with ICP?CT, MRI, ABG (co2). NEVER do an LP - brain herniation, fluid shift
What are the medications for ICP? bed position?Osmotic diuretics, loop diuretics, corticosteroids, stool softeners HOB less than 30 degrees but not flat
What are the best levels to keep pCO2 and pO2 for pt with ICP?pCO2 <35 and pO2 >90%
If there is CSF coming out of the left ear, what should you do?Turn pt to the left side and obtain sample for glucose level

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