Neural Crest Migration

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Question Answer
What factor is expressed in early + Premig cells?Snail2- Zn Finger TF
What is the evidence that Snail2 promotes migration?1) DNve overexpress Xenopus tadpole no mig 2) Overexpression in chick hindbrain- increased mig
What cad does Snail2 repress? What evidence?6B 1) Snail2 up ass with Cad6B down ISHs 2) QPCR - upregulation of 6B mRNA w/ anit Snial MO
When is RhoB expressed?Pre + Early migatory cells- downreg after delamination
What occurs when Snail2 electroporated? When coelect with Sox91) Nothing 2) ALL NT cells begin mig- not just dorsal
Sox9+ Rho? RhoB aloneEmigration of dorsal+ ventral NT cells. Apoptosis (TUNEL staining)
Evidence that Sox9 required for RhoB survival?K/o mice - NCs die at time of delamination EMT
How is NC mig coordinate w/ somite devo?Somite signals downreg Noggin, allowing BMP4 signalling to induce Wnt1 and migration

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