Nervous System2

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General Steps of nervous system1. Information gathered from outside/inside 2. Transports the information to brain 3. Interprets the information
What is the form of information the body transports and then reads through a SIGNAL?Action Potential
Name the aliases of information that the body transports and reads to cause an action:Signal, Electrical Signal, Action Potential, Nerve Impulse, Nerve Signal
The nerve impulse is described as:The wave of Electrochemical Activity that passes the cell body along the length of the axon to the synapse
When the electrochemical activiy occurs how do specific ions generated in and out of the neuronDiffusion-->High to Low Gradient
What is the process of the electrochemical activity/action potential/nerve impulse:When a stimulus comes..Sodium flows in as Potassium flows out(depolarization). So the Sodium Potassium Pump has to carry 3 Na out as 2 K enters again


Where dos the wave of electrochemical activity occur: down the Axon

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