Nervous system

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The nervous system is made up of?Big Bland Situations Nurture Glittery Rings: Brain, Brainstem, Spinal cord, Nerves, Ganglia, some parts of Receptor Organs.
The nervous system receives and interprets stimuli from:Our environment or internal organs and then transmits impulses to specific muscles, organs, other nerves.
Name the components of the CNSBrain, Brain stem, and Spinal Cord
Name the components of the PNS1. Somatic (Cranial and Spinal cord...touch, hearing, muscle movement) 2.Autonomic (internal organs senses)
What is a nerve?A group of multiple neurons going in both directions.
What is a neuron?A nerve cell that transmit impulses ONLY in ONE DIRECTION.
What are the components of a neuron?Cell body (Soma), Dendrites, and Axon
Of the neuron what do dendrites do versus axons?Dendrites receive stimuli or impulses and Axons conduct
Name the 3 types of nervous system neuronsAfferent, Efferent, and Interneuron

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What is an Afferent neuron?A neuron that conducts impulses towards the CNS
What is an Efferent neuron?A neuron that conducts an impulse away from the CNS
Afferent neuron is also called?A Sensory neuron
Efferent neuron is also called?A Motor neuron
What is an Interneuron?A neuron that conducts impulses BETWEEN other neurons. Found ONLY in BRAIN and SPINAL CORD
What types of "body structures" can neurons have?Bipolar, Unipolar, and Multipolar Bodies
When a neuron has 2 extensions from the cell body, what are they?Dendrites and Axon (Bipolar neurons)
Where do you find bipolar neurons? In the head-->eyes, nose, ears. (AFFERENT, SENSORY)
When a neuron has 1 extension from the cell body, what are they?One extension that divides into 2 branch only associated with dendrites
Where do you find unipolar neurons?In the skin-->for temp., touch, and pain. (EFFERENT, SENSORY)
When a neuron has multiple extensions from the cell body, what are they?dendrites..only one is an axon
Where do you find multipolar neurons? Everywhere (AFFERENT & EFFERENT)

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