Needle Sizes and Gauges

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Usual site for Intradermal InjectionForearm
Usual site for Subcutaneous InjectionUpper arm
Usual site for Intramuscular InjectionDeltoid, Gluteus Medius or Gluteus Maxiums, and Vastus Lateralis
Angle of Intradermal Injection15-20 degree
Angle of Subcutaneous Injection45 degree
Angle of Intramuscular Injection90 degree

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Maximum amount for Intradermal Injection0.1 cc
Maximum amount for Subcutaneous Injection2 cc
Maximum amount for Intramuscular Injection in Deltoid1 cc
Maximum amount for Intramuscular Injection in Gluteus Medius or Gluteus Maximus5 cc
Maximum amount for Intramuscular Injection in Vastus Lateralis5 cc

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Syringe for Intradermal InjectionTB (1 cc)
Syringe for Subcutaneous Injection2.5 to 3 cc
Syringe for Intramuscular Injection2.5 to 5 cc
Gauge for Intradermal Injection25 to 27
Gauge for Subcutaneous Injection23 to 25
Gauge for Intramuscular Injection20 to 22
Length of Intradermal Injection1/4 to 1/2 inches
Length of Subcutaneous Injection1/2 to 7/8 inches
Length of Intramuscular Injection1 to 1 1/2 inches

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