Neck Muscles and their Origin Insertion& Action

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Section 1

Question Answer
Sternocleidomastoid Originmanubrium and medial clavicle
Sternocleidomastoid Insertionmastoid process of temporal bone
Sternocleidomastoid Actionflexes neck, rotates head towards shoulder on opposite side
Scalenes Actionflex and rotate head, aids in deep respiration
Splenius capitis Actionextends, rotates, and laterally flexes the head
Digastic Originlower margin of mandible and mastoid process
Digastric Insertionhyoid
Digastric Actionopens mouth and depresses mandible

Section 2

Question Answer
Stylohyoid Originstyloid process of temporal bone
Stylohyoid Insertionhyoid
Stylohyoid Actionelevates and retracts hyoid bone
Sternohyoid Originmanubrium, medial clavicle
Sternohyoid Insertionhyoid
Sternohyoid Actiondepress hyoid & larynx
Omohyoid Originsuperior border of scapula
Omohyoid Insertion hyoid
Omohyoid Actiondepresses & retracts hyoid
Thyrohyoid Originthyroid cartilage
Thyrohyoid Insertionhyoid
Thyrohyoid Actiondepresses hyoid, elevates larynx
Mylohyoid Originmandible
Mylohyoid Insertionhyoid
Mylohyoid Actionelevates hyoid, depresses mandible
Geniohyoid Originmandible
Geniohyoid Insertionhyoid
Geniohyoid Actionelevates hyoid, depresses mandible, draws tongue anteriorly

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