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Levator ScapulaO: TVPs C1-C4 I: sup ang scap A: cervical: ext.,lat flex,scap: elev scap, downward rotation scap N: dorsal scapular nerve
SternocleidomastoidO: sternal head: manubrium clavicular head: med 1/3 of clavicle I:mastoid process,lat 1/2 superior nuchal line A: flex,lat flex, contra rotat of neck N: spinal accessory nerve
Longus ColliO: TVPs C3-C5,vert. bodies C5-T3 I: tub.ant.arch of C1,vert bodies C2,C3,C4, TVPs C5, C6 A: flex, lat. flex N: ventral rami of cervical nerves
Scalenus AnteriorO: ant. aspect TVPs C3-6 I:scalene tubercle of 1st rib A: elev. 1st rib, flex.,lat. flex.,contra. rotat N: cervical and brachial plexus
Scalenus Medius O: post. aspect TVPs C2-7 I: sup. border 1st rib A: elev ribs, lat. flex. N: cervical and brachial plexus
Scalenus PosteriorO: post. aspect TVPs C4-6, I: outer border 2nd rib A: elev 2nd rib,,lat. flex. N:cervical and brachial plexus

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SUPRAHYOIDS: MylohyoidO: med. surf. mandible I: hyoid, midline raphe A: elevates and steadies hyoid N: mylohyoid nerve
GeniohyoidO: inner mental surf of mandible I: hyoid A: elevates, steadies hyoid N: C1 via the hypoglossal nerve
StylohyoidO: styloid process of temporal bone I: hyoid A: elevates, steadies hyoid N: facial nerve (CN VII)
DiagastricsO: ant. belly:inner mental region of mandible post. belly: med. surf. mastoid process I: intermediate tendon to hyoid A: elevates,steadies hyoid,depresses mandible N: mylohyoid and facial nerves
INFRAHYOIDS: SternohyoidO: manubrium, med. end of clavicle I: hyoid A: depresses, steadies hyoid N: C1-C3 (ansa cervicalis)
SternothyroidO: post. surf. manubrium I:thyroid cartilage A: steadies, depresses hyoid, depresses thyroid N: C2-C3, ansa cervicalis
ThyrohyoidO: thyroid cartilage I: hyoid bone A: steadies, depresses hyoid, elev thyroid N: C1 via CN XII
OmohyoidO: sup. border of scap near subscapular notch I: hyoid A: steadies, depresses hyoid N: C1-C3 (ansa cervicalis)

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SUBOCCIPITALS: Rectus Capitis Posterior MinorO: tub. of post. arch C1 I: inf. nuchal line A: lat. flex.,ext., P&P N: dorsal ramus of C1
Rectus Capitis Posterior MajorO: SP C2 I: infer. nuchal line A: lat.flex., ext., ipsi rotat.,P&P N: dorsal ramus of C1
Obliquus Capitis SuperiorO: TVP C1 I: between nuchal lines A: lat. flex.,ext., P&P N: dorsal ramus of C1
Obliquus Capitis InferiorO: SP C2 I: TVP C1 A: ipsi rotat, P&P N: dorsal ramus of C1