Neck and anterior muscles of the thorax and abdomen day 4

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Question Answer
Origin of the ThyrohyoidThyroid Cartilage
Insertion of the ThyrohyoidHyoid
Action of the ThyrohyoidDepresses hyoid, elevates larynx
Origin of the MylohyoidMandible
Insertion of the MylohyoidHyoid
Action of the MylohyoidEvelvates hyoid, depresses mandible
Origin of the geniohyoidMandible
Insertion of the geniohyoidHyoid
Action of the geniohyoidElevates hyoid, depresses mandible and draws tongue anteriorly
Action of External IntercostalsElevates ribs
Action of Internal IntercostalsDepresses ribs in forceful expiration
Origin of DiaphragmXiphoid process, ribs 7-12, lumbar vertebrae
Insertion of DiaphragmCentral Tendon
Action of DiaphragmRespiration
Origin of Rectus AbdominisPubic crest and symphysis
Insertion of Rectus AbdominisXiphoid process and ribs 5-7
Action of Rectus AbdominisFlexes vertebral column, compresses abdomen

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