Necessary Life Functions

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Question Answer
Maintaining Boundaries internal environment separate form external environment
Maintaining Boundaries exampleIntegumentary system
MovementMovement of body and movement of substances thru body
Movement exampleMuscular and Skeletal
Responsiveness ability to sense changes in the environment and respond to stimuli
Responsiveness exampleNervous system
Digestionbreaking down of ingested food to simple molecules that can be absorbed
Digestion exampleDigestive and Cardiovascular system
Metabolismincludes all chemical reactions that occur within cells of the body
Metabolism exampledigestive, respiratory, cardiovascular, endocrine
Excretionprocess of removing wastes from the body
Excretion exampledigestive, respiratory, urinary
Reproduction-cellular levelgrowth and repair
Reproduction- organismal levelproduce offspring
Reproduction exampleReproductive and Endocrine
Growthand increase in size of body part of whole organism

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