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Question Answer
What Army Regulation prescribes the policies for completing evaluation reports that support the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS)? AR 623-3
2.What DA Pamphlet prescribes the procedures for completing evaluation reports that support the Evaluation Reporting System (ERS)? DA Pam 623-3
8.What will a rating chain for an NCO consist of? Rated NCO Rater Senior Rater Reviewer
9.Can an NCO that is on a recommended list for promotion or frocked to one of the top three NCO grades (first sergeant (1SG), SGM, or CSM) and is serving in an authorized position for the new grade, rate any NCO under their supervision, if after the rater's promotion he/she will be senior in pay grade or date of rank to the rated NCO?Yes
12.What is the minimum period of time for rater qualification? 3 Rated Months
13.What is the minimum period of time for senior rater qualifications?2 months
15.What form is used for the NCO Counseling/Checklist Record? DA Form 2166-8-1
16.What are some of the uses of an NCOER?The information in evaluation reports, the Army’s needs, and the individual Soldier’s qualifications will be used together as a basis for such personnel actions as school selection, promotion, assignment, military occupational specialty (MOS) classification, command sergeant major (CSM) designation, and qualitative management.
17.What is a rating scheme? A rating scheme is the published rating chain of the NCO’s rating officials (rater, senior rater, and reviewer).
18.What forms are used for the NCOER? DA 2166-8-1, NCO Counseling Checklist/Record DA 2166-8, NCO Evaluation Report.
21.Who is the last individual to sign the NCOER?The rated NCO
22.Does the rated NCOs signature mean that the rated NCO approve of the bullets / comment on the NCOER?No, The rated Soldier’s signature will only verify the accuracy of the administrative data in Part I, to include non rated time; the rating officials in Part II; the APFT and height and weight data; and that the rated Soldier has seen the completed report.
28.Rating an NCO's fears, inner feelings, enthusiasm, and overall confidence falls into which Values/NCO Responsibility block? Physical Fitness / Military Bearing
29.Is the use of the 2166-8-1 mandatory for counseling all NCOs in the ranks of CPL through CSM? Yes.
30.Who receives an NCOER? All NCOs