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Section 1

Question Answer
OCDssri/snri, CBT, benzo short term, BB
AXISpsych, pesonality, medical problem, psychosocial stressors, level of func 1-100
reactive attachment d/osevere neglect or shitty parent,emotionally withdrawn from adults
terrorist attackacute stress disorder type reactions
adjustment d/owithin 3 months of the stressor
PTSDCBT, clonidine, guanfacine, prazosin
acute stress disordrer txtime, talking
Reactive attachment d/o or Disinhibited Social engagement d/otx is stable good parent, trauma focused CBT
20% of ER visitsare drug related
50% of sucicidesinvolve drug use
25% of mental health conditionshave comorbid substance problem
mesolimbicDA reward pathway
ventral tegmental areahas DA cells
alcoholserotonin and opioid release
alcohol labCDT (carb deficit transferase) most sensitive, AST>ALT
benzo withdrawl txchlordiazepoxide, diazepam, and carbamzepine in those with withdrawl sz risk
wernickeacute B1 def nystg and ataxia
korsakoffchronic B1 def anterograde amnesia confabulation
cocaine and amphetnucleus accumbenes
cocaindn reuptake
amphetup excessive release
barbsGABA-A agonist

Section 2

Question Answer
Cluster Aodd or eccentrix
Cluster Bdramatic, emotional
Cluster Canxious or fearful
Axis II specificborderline PD
personality D/o txnothing, but can do meds for specific symtoms
ego conflicts betweeninstinct, reality, important persons, conscience
projectionattribute your feelings to others
transferencedoctor looks like father therefore act like him towards father
psychodynamic therapyfor personality d/o
CBT 2 main componentsbehavioral acgtivation and cognitive restructuring
phobiasystematic desensitization
OCDexposure/response prevention
look for TRAPS for MDDtriggersm reactions, avoidance patterns
get on TRACTriggers, Reactions, Alternative methods of coping
Cogniative errorsall or none, catastrafizing, discounting the positive, personalitization, shoulds and musts
OCD txsuds

Section 3

Question Answer
developmental realmsgross motor, fine motor, speech and language, social and cognitive
MC d/o in youthanxiety at 15%, frequent somatic complaints, selective mutism and separation anx
kid anx txCBT SSRI
kid bipolarrare
ADHDmust have sx before age 12
ADHDdysfunc in prefrontal cortex
stimulant s/emust monitor weight and height in children
neurocog /dodelirium, dementia, amnesitic d/o
dementia CSF labsdn amyloid, up tau protein, up phosphorylated tau
APO E4accelerates alz dz by 10 years
Alz Histoplaques, neurofib tangles, neuronal degen
Lewy body demflux cog, daytime drowsy, recurrent well formed halluc, parkinson
frontotemporal dementiaearly onset, change personality, dn insight