NBE Study Guide Regulatory Compliance Part IV

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Section 1

Question Answer
un-bundleoffering items of funeral goods and services as seperate items and not conditioned on the purchase of another item or service. The itemization of offerings of funeral goods and funeral services
undue influenceimproper influence that is asserted by one dominant person over another, without the threat or harm
unenforceable contractan agreement which is not in the form required by law
uniform anatomical gift acta law permitting a person of legal age and sound mind to give all or any part of his body to take effect upon his/her death or giving the right to another
uniform commercial coderecognized as the most important statute in business law; includes provisions which regulate certain sales of goods

Section 2

Question Answer
uniform probate codea model law to achieve uniformity to probate proceedings thoroughout the US
unilateral contract a one-sided contract/agreement formed when an act is done in consideration for a promise
unsecured claimclaim that is not supported by a pledge of other assets belonging to the debtor
usurious exceeding the maximum rate of interest which may be charged on loans
valid contractcontract which will be enforced by the court

Section 3

Question Answer
vital statisticsthe registration, preparation, transcription, collection, compilation, and preservation of data pertaining to birth, adoptions, deaths, stillbirths, martial status etc.
void contractagreement of no legal effect
voidable contractcontract that would be an enforceable agreement, but due to circumstances, may be set aside by one of the parties
volunteer driverthose drivers not under the direct control of a funeral director
warrantiesguarantees made by a seller that an article, good or service will conform to a certain standard or will operate in a certain manner
willinstrument executed with required formality by a person-making disposition of his/her property to take effect upon his/her death
zoning ordinancea law passed by a municipality by virtue of the police power that regulates and prescribes the kind of building, residences, or businesses that shall be built and used in different part of the municipality