NBE Study Guide Marketing&Merchandising Part III

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Section 1

Question Answer
rebatereturn of a portion of a payment
rental casketa casket which is used as a temporary for a dead human. Remians will be placed in other suitable container
sales frequencythe number of times sales in a given price bracket occur over a fixed period of time
sales frequency charta chart on which all sales are listed showing the number of sales in any sales bracket
sales promotiona plan which provides the inducements to potential purchasers of products and/or services
satina fabric woven to create a smooth lustrous face and dull back

Section 2

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satin finisha type of semi-luster or semi-gloss casket finish that is smooth with well defined fine lines or striations
scattering gardena section in a cemetery set aside for the scattering of the ashes of cremated human remains
sectionsubdivision of a cemtery containing several blocks (section->block->lot->grave)
semi-gloss finisha low luster finish
semi-tailored interiora combination of a tailored interior with one or more other styles of interior, for effect

Section 3

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shellthe component parts of a casket comprised of the cap (lid) and body of the casket
shirred interiora style of casket in which the material is drawn or gathered in a parallel fashion in a multiple needle head sewing process
single hinged panela casket in which the cap is in two pieces, the rim (ogee) and foot panel is one piece which is hinged to the top body molding and the head panel being the second piece which is hinged to the rim (ogee)
slant markera cemetery marker that has a face angled greater than 45 degrees, but less than 90 degrees in a relationship to the terrain
softwoodany light, easliy cut wood; cone bearing or coniferous

Section 4

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solid wooda product that excepting some hardware components, is made from lumber cut into boards from the trunk of a tree; the casket shell has no components formed from wood by products
stainless steela metal alloy of stell, chromium, and sometimes nickel which is used in casket construction; does not rust
stamped hardwarea hardware production method of lesser expense whereby the casket hardware sections are pressed out on a hydraulic press
state casketcasket in which the body panels are at a 90 degree angle to the bottom and the corners form 90 degree angles; also called a verticle side square
statement of funeral goods and services selected itemized written statement provided for rtention to each person who arranges a funeral or other disposition. Must include goods and services selected and prices paid for each, itemization of cash advance items and total cost

Section 5

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stationary bara non moveable casket handle
steela metal alloy consisting mainly of iron and carbon; used in caskets it is low in carbon which keeps it soft; commercial steel contains up to 1.7% carbon; carbon steel
sundry itemsmiscellaneous items provided or used to complement the services of a funeral director (register book, memorial folder, prayer cards, flag case)
swing barmoveable casket handle with a hinged arm
tailored interiortightly drawn form of casket interior style

Section 6

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telephone price disclosurefuneral provider must give consumers who call accurate info from the price lists and answer questions about offerings and prices with readily available info
third party merchandisefuneral goods purchase from a source other than the price list/funeral provider
threaded fastener a screw type fastener
tipthe decorative or ornamental part of the casket handle that covers the exposed end of the bar
top seala method of closure that utilizes an epoxy compound in conjunction with tounge-in-groove construction at the top edge and lid of the vault

Section 7

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transfer containeran outer enclosure utilized for the protection of casketed remains during transportation
triggering eventoccurence of a situation that requires certain action (handing out GPL)
tufted interiorstyle of casket interior created by placing padding material between a lining and backing material; with subsequent stiches taken; forming small raised puffs; carriage and biscuit tufting are most popular
tying arrangementexist when a seller requires the purchase of unwanted items/services in order to obtain the desired item/service
unit pricinga method of price quotation on which one price includes both casket and service

Section 8

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urncontainer for cremated remians; a vase with a foot or pedastal
vaultan outer enclosure which offers protection from the earth load as well as possessing sealing qualities
velveta fabric of silk, cotton, and possibly rayon
vertical sidea casket body style woth the body sides at 90 degree angle to the bottom
vertical tablettype of cemetery monument in which the die is taller than it is wide

Section 9

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visitationtime set aside for friends and relatives to pay respect for the deceased prior to funeral services
wood veneercreated by gluing a thin layer of wood of superior value or excellent grain to an inferior wood
wrought bronzebronze metal rolled into sheets
wrought coppercopper metal rolled into sheets