NBE Study Guide Marketing&Merchandising Part II

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Section 1

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cove (roll, puffing)component part of the casket interior which lines the rim (ogee) and surrounds the cap panel
creditan agreement that payment for a product or service will be made for sometime at a later date
cremation casketan environmentally safe casket which is designed for encasing dead human remains for cremation
crepe a thin crinkled cloth of silk, rayon, cotton, or wool
crinkled finishexterior casket finish in which the metal is coated with a substance that wrinkles as it dries; usually used on less expensive caskets

Section 2

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crown (swell)the uppermost part of the cap, extending from rim to rim; everything above the rim
crushed interiorform of casket interior created by placing the lining material on a metal form, weights added, the material steamed, and then attached to a suitable upholstery (backing) material
crypta chamber in a mausoleum, of sufficient size, generally used to contain casketed remains of a deceased person
demographicsthe statistical study of human populations with respect to their size, density, distribution, composition, and income
demonstration group (educational group)three or four caskets utilized to educate the selecting party regarding the elements of casket construction

Section 3

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die (tablet)main part of a monument, the upright portion above the base where the inscription is located
direct cremationa disposition of human remains by cremation without formal viewing, visitation or ceremony with body present
direct lightingillumination directly shining on an object
direct selection room procedurethe method of selling merchandise whereby thr funeral director remains in the selection room throughout the entire selection process
doeskin (moleskin)a heavy durable cotton fabric with a short (1/8th inch or less), thick, velvety nap on one side; woven cloth with a suede like appearance

Section 4

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domethe top of an air seal burial vault which entraps air as it is put in position; it also supports the weight of the earth above
double sealmethod of closure that utilizes the principle of the air seal in conjunction with an epoxy material at the junction of the dome and the base of the vault
ear (lug)part of the casket handle that is attached to the casket body
economic basethe wealth produced in or near a community that provides employment and income to local population
economic order quantity (eoq)the quantity to be purchased which minimizes total costs

Section 5

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effective datedate that the specific price list was put to use
elliptica casket having ends in the shape of a half circle
embossedto ornament with raised work; to raise relief from the surface; material having designs raised above the surface
engineered wood (composite wood)a range of derivative wood products which are ma manufactured by binding together wood strands, particles, fibers or veneers with adhesives to form composite materials
epitaphan inscription placed on a monument to commemorate the deeds or qualities of the departed

Section 6

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excelsior (wood wool)wood that has been shredded into spaghetti like strings
extendover (large body)the portion of the casket interior which extends over the top body molding (body ledge) for aesthetic value
ferrous metalany metal formed from iron (steel or stainless steel)
fiberglassa material consisting of extremely fine filaments of glass embedded by a constant factor
fishtail (pie)the wedge shaped portion of the cap (lid) t each end of the crown

Section 7

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fixed multipleprice determination where the casket cost is multiplied by a constant factor
flaring squarecasket shell design in which the sides and ends of the casket body flare out from the bottom to the top; a casket shell design that is narrower and shorter at the bottom than at the opening of the top
flat finish (matte finish)a finish used on casket exteriors that is free of gloss: dull lusterless surfaceno shine or gloss
fluorescent lightingthe illumination produced by a tubular electric discharge lamp; the fluorescence of phosphors coating the inside of the tube
flush markera small headstone, which is set with its top even with the surrounding terrain

Section 8

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fold (gimp)a strip fo metal, platic, or cloth that is attached to the inside of the panel, covering the area at which point the roll (cove) is anchored
foot panela component part of the casket interior which is inside the foot portion of the cap
fractional displayuse of portions of casket (1/2. 1/4.1/8) in the selection room
free itemsnone of the 16 items required to be seperately itemized on the GPL can be listed as free or no charge. Items not required by the rule can be listed as free
functional pricingmethod of price quotation in which the charges are broken down into several major component parts such as professional services, facilities, automobile, and merchandise

Section 9

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funeral ceremonyservice commemorating the deceased with a body present
funeral goodsgoods which are sold or offered for sale directly to the public for the use with funeral services
funeral providerany person, partnership, or corporation that sells or offers to sell funeral goods and funeral services to the public
galvanizedsteel that is coated with zinc for increased resistance to rust
gasket channel found on cut op gasketed caskets; is an intergral part of the foot panel. Header on gasketed caskets; the function is to hold the transverse gasket to seal the space between the head and foot caps

Section 10

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gaugea measurement of thickness of metals; the number of sheets needed to equal approximate one inch of thickness
general price list (GPL)printed or typewritten list of goods and services offered for sale by a funeral provider with retail prices. Considered keystone of the funeral rule
graduated recoverypricing method where the mark-up varies
gravean excavation in the earth as a place for internment
grave box an outer enclosure consisting of a body and a one or two piece lid

Section 11

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grave lineran outer enclosure which offers protection from the earth load but without protection from the elements
graveside servicea ceremony or ritual, religious or otherwise, conducted at the grave
hammertone finisha sprayed fininsh that has the appearance of small indentations in the metal (as if struck by a hammer); the "indentation" are in the paint and appear as it dries
hardwarethe handles, ornamental fixtures and their fittings are attached to the casket shell
hardwoodany tough, heavy timber with a compact texture; any deciduous tree (tree that loses its leaves annually)
header flangethe turned under edge or horizontal portion of the header

Section 12

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head panela component part of the casket interior which is inside the portion of the head cap; no distinction is made between the head panel and foot panel in full couch caskets
hermetically sealedairtight; impervious to external influence; completely sealed by fusion or soldering
hinge cover (hinge skirt)that portion of the casket interior covering the hinges that attach the casket cap to the casket body; usually extends form the roll and becomes part of the body lining
horizontal tableta type of cemetery monument in which the die is wider than it is tall
income (revenue)an inflow of assets as a result of selling a product or providing a service

Section 13

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income statement (profit and loss statement)a formal financial statement which presents the income, expenses, and resulting net profit or net loss for a given period
invoicea source document showing quantity, description, prices of items, total amount of purchase and the terms of the payment
immediate buriala disposition of human remains by burial without formal viewing, visitation or ceremony with body present, except for graveside
incandescent lightingthe illumination resulting from the glowing of a heated philament
indirect lightingreflected illumination of an object

Section 14

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indirect selection room procedurethe method of selling merchandise whereby the funeral director doesn't stay in the room during the selection process
inner panelsfunctional or ornamental covering that usually covers the foot end of the casket in the full couch casket; may be located at both head and foot end
inventory (merchandise)those goods or stock of goods which are held for resale at a profit
inventory turnoverthe number of times the average inventory has been sold or used up during a period
itemizationthe method of price quotation by which each unit of service an or merchandise is priced seperately

Section 15

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laminatesmade b uniting superimposed layers of different materials
lawncryptgrave space where two or more persons may be buried in grave liners which may have been stacked one on top of the other, with the first person who dies being buried in the deepest grave liner with subsequent burials on top
linena fabric made of flax; noted for its strength, coolness, and luster
lota subdivision of a cemetery which consists of several grave or internment space
markdowna reduction of selling price below the original selling price

Section 16

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markera small headstone, usually of one piece, used to identify individual graves
marketa group of potential customers possessing purchasing power and unsatisfied needs
marketing the process of planning and executing the development, pricing, promotion, and distributions of an organizations goods/services
market surveya study that is used by a business to determine where the potential customers are loacted
market value approachan approach used in business valuation which determines value based upon previous sales of similar business

Section 17

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markupthe difference between merchandise cost and selling price
merchandising businessa business that purchases finished goods for resale
masselinpressed paper in sheets form; used in casket construction as a backing (upholstery) material
mattress coverinterior cloth or material which covers the mattress or bedding of the casket
mausoleuma building containing crypts or vaults for entombment; an above ground structure for burial

Section 18

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mediana value in an ordered set of values which represents the mid point, whereby an equal number of values above and below the midpoint value
memoriala physical object that is designed for the purpose of remembering
memorial servicea ceremony commemorating the deceased without the body present
memorial parka cemetery or section of a cemetery with only flush markers to the ground
merchandisingthe purchasing, display, and sale of merchandise

Section 19

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metal case (ziegler case)a gasketed container which can be used as an insert into a casket or as a seperate shipping container
modethe value that occurs most frequently in a group of numbers
monumenta structure, usually of stone or metal, erected to commemorate the life, deeds, or career of a deceased person
nichea recess or space in a columbarium used for the permanent placing of cremated remains
non-declinable service feebasic services is the only fee which the consumer cannot decline (unless law states other wise) services, facilities, or unallocated overhead

Section 20

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non-ferrous metalany metal that is not formed from iron
octagon a casket having eight angles or corners therefore has eight sides or body panels
ogee (rim)a "S" shaped molding that is a component part of the casket cap
ogee flange (rim flange)the turned under edge or horizontal portion of the rim which comes in contact with the gasket or body ledge flange (top body molding flange)
open-end credit (revolving account)a line of credit that may be used over and over again up to a certain borrowing limit

Section 21

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outer burial containerany container which is designed for the placement in the grave, but not limited to burial vaults, grave boxes, and grave liners
outer burial container price list (OBC PL)print or typewritten list of outer burial containers normally offered for sale by the funeral provider which do not require special ordering. must include retail price and helpful info
overlay (overthrow, throw)the aesthetic covering for the foot cp or inner foot panel of the casket.
package pricingpricing method which groups together selected services and/or merchandise
perfection full coucha casket in which the rim (ogee), crown and pies are formed as one piece and rise as one piece
perfection half coucha casket in which the rim (ogee, crown, and pies are formed as one unit with a transverse cut in the cap, forming two caps

Section 22

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plastica synthtic or natural organic material shaped when soft and then hardened
plastic extrusion moldinga method of molding plastic by injecting molten plastic into a die
plated finishthe finish created when base metal is coated by another metal via an electrolytic process; often found on casket hardware; in casket construction identified by the term "deposit"
plusha woven cloth with a nap exceeding 1/8th inch
plywoodthin sheets of wood glued otgether so that the grains are at right angles to one another; an odd number of sheets will be used so that the grain on the front and back will always run in the same direction

Section 23

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polished finisha surface made smooth and glossy usually by friction; brought to a highly developed, finished or refines state; burnished
polymer a compound, similar in appearance to plastic, that has a high molecular weight creating an extremely durable substance
poucha leak resistant zippered bag designed to contain a dead human body and body fluids and is used mainly for the removal of dead human remains
price determinationmethod used by management to establish the selling price for services and merchandise
price quotationmethod by which prices are explained to the consumer (itemized GPL required by FTC but package pricing allowed)

Section 24

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pricing policyfactors which influence prices
priest casket (slip panel)a casket opening style in which the cap or lid at the head end of the casket is completely removed from the casket for the purpose of viewing; the remains may be viewed from either side of the casket
quantity discountamount by which a bill or invoice will be reduced when a minimum quantity of merchandise has been ordered
quartilea division of the total into four segments, each one representing 1/4th the total
rangethe upper and lower extremity of a series of numbers

Section 25