NBE Study Guide Funeral Directing Part II

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Section 1

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Rabbia teacher or ordained leader in the Jewish faith
ReaderIn the Church of Christ, Scientist, one authorized to read lessons and scripture
receiving remainsone of the categories required to be itemized on the GPL (if the funeral provider offers the service) This involves services of the funeral provider after initial services have been provided by another firm at the locale of death. Funeral Rule requires packaging pricing of this service with a description of the components included
receiving vaultstructure designed for the temporary storage of bodies that are not to be immediately interred
recession/recessionalthe movement, in an orderly fashion, at the end of a service
register/memorial bookbook signed by those attending a visitation/service
retortburning chamber in a crematory
revocable contractcontract which may be terminated by the purchaser at any time prior to the death of the beneficiary with a refund of the moneys paid on the contract as prescribed by state law

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rosary beadsbeads and a crucifix used as an aid in the recitation of prayers
rosary prayersprayer recited in order at a Rosary or vigil service
royal doorsdoors in the center of the Iconostasis leading directly to the altar. Only ordained clergy are to go through the doors; never cross on the sole in front of the royal doors
rubricsin liturgical churches, stated directions in a prayer book or liturgical manual regarding the order of service as approved by the denomination
sacrament of the sickin the Roman Catholic Faith, a sacrament given to those seriously ill or in danger of death to prepare their souls for eternity
sacred heartin the Roman Catholic faith, a religious picture of Jesus Christ showing his radiant heart
sanctuarypart of the church about the altar, inside the chancel (may describe where people sit in Church)
scapularin the Romaan Catholic faith, a piece of cloth or a medal having religious signifigance usually worn around the neck

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sectionlargest subdivision of a cemtery
service encasketingin the Buddhist faith, a service performed as part of the casketing of the body
sextonone who is in charge of the cemetery and caretaker of church
shabbatthe Jewish Sabbath; Christi begins at sundown Friday and ends at sundown Saturday
shivahin the Jewish faith, a seven day mourning period
sholoshimin the Jewish faith, a 30 day mourning period
shomerin the Jewish faith, one who sits and watches over the body until burial
shrouda cloth or garmant in which a dead person in wrapped or dressed for burial

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sign of the crossa symbolic sign of the cross; made with the body until burial
sister (nun)in the Roman Catholic faith, a woman who is a member of a religious order, especially one bound by vows of pverty, chastity, and obedience
social security administrationbranch of the US department of Health and Human Services which provides benefits for retirement, survivors/insurance, disability, health insurance, and death
soleain the Eastern Orthodox church, the open area (sometimes raised) before the altar
survivor(s)one who outlives another person or lives through an event
synagogueplace of religious worship in the Jewish faith; may also be referred to as Temple
tachrichima hand-sewn white linen shroud in which the deceased members of the Jewish faith are dressed
taharahin the Jewish faith, the ceremony of washing the deceased before the burial; serves as a ritual purification of the body and should be performed by the Chevra Kadisha

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Tallitha prayer shawl worn by men during the morning prayer in the Jewish faith
Tehillimin the Jewish faith, prayers said before the funeral by a group of friends and the shomer. These prayers come from the book of psalms
Temple Ordinancesceremonial instructions of the Mormon Church, given only within a temple to worthy members of the sect.
Third Party Contractscontracts which involve the funeral director/funeral home because the family being served has contracted with someone else (3rd party) for services or merchandise also available from the funeral home (caskets, vaults, urns, pre-need)
Tombgeneral term designating those places suitable for the reception of a dead human body
Transeptswings of the main part of the church which may serve as small chapels for baptism, wedding services, an even small funeral services
Transfer of Remains (first call)moving of the dead human body from the place of death to the funeral home or other deignated place
Transfer Vehiclesthe automobile generally used for transporting the uncasketed dead human body from the place of death to the mortuary

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Trisagionin the Eastern Orthodox faith, three short services or blessings that are part of the funeral rite
Trust Accountaccount established by one individual to be heald for the benefit of another; create a fiduciary responsibility (as a method of payment of funeral expenses). Money paid to a funeral home for future services is placed in an account with the funeral home as trustee for the benefit of another
Vestmentsritual garment worn by clergy
Veteranone who has served time in the military and who is no longer serving
Vigil Lightsin the Roman Catholic faith, a set of two candles that may be placed at the head and foot end of a casket during visitation
Visitation (calling hours)time set aside for friends and relatives to pay respects to the deceased prior to the funeral service

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Vital statsthe collection, tabulation, and interpretation of data concerning birth, marriage, divorce, sickness, and death
Wakehistorically a watch kept over the deceased ; an all nigh vigil
Wake Service (Vigil Service/Rosary Service)in the Roman Catholic faith, a prayer or scripture service usually held at the funeral home in the evening before the Funeral Mass
Words of Appreciationa brief expression of gratitude to the congregation for their presence at the Buddhist service
YahrzeitIn the Jewish faith, the anniversary of the death
Yarmulke (kippah, yamaka)in the Jewish faith, the skullcap worn by the men at the temple services and funeral services
Yizkorin the Jewish faith, a memorial service recited four times a year

Section 8

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Popehead of the Roman Catholic and the Bishop of Rome
prayer cardcard with the name of the decedent and a prayer or verse, which may or may not include dates of birth and death
pre-funded funeral arrangementsfuneral arrangements made in advance of need that include provisions for funding or prepayment
pre-planned funeral arrangementsfuneral arrangements made in advance of need that do not include provisions for funding or payment
Prie Dieu, prayer rail, Kneelera kneeling rail
priesttitle conferred by ordination
private carrierthose who transported only in particular instances and only for those who they choose to contract with (funeral home vehicles and livery)
procession/processionalthe movement, in an orderly fashion, at the beginning of the service

Section 9

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outer burial containerany container which is designed for placement in the grave around the casket including, but not limited to burial vaults, grave boxes, and grave liners
pagodaBuddhist place of worship
palla symbolic cloth covering placed over the casket
pall bearerone who actively bears or carries the casket during the funeral and commital service
parastas (great panchida)vigil service associated with Eastern Orthodox funerals
Paschal CandleIn Roman Catholic faith, a candle placed near the casket during the funeral mass that signifies the everlasting light of christ
pastorone having spiritual care over a number of people
perpetual carean arrangement made by the cemetery whereby funds are set aside, the income from which is used to maintain the cemtery plot indefinetly