NBE Study Guide Funeral Directing Glossary

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acknowledgement cardscards of recognition sent to friends for kindness; shown to a deceased's family
acolytean altar attendant
adaptive funeral ritefuneral rite that is adjusted to the need and wants of those directly involved; one of which has been altered to suit the trends of times
aftercare (post funeral)appropriate and helpful acts of counseling that come after the funeral
Allahin Islam faith, the name of God
altarelevated piece or structure on which sacrifices are offered or at which religious rites are performed; in the christian face, a table on which the eucharist or holy communion is offered
alternative containerunfinished wood box or other non-metal receptacle or enclosure, without ornamentation or a fixed interior lining, which is designed for the encasement of human remains; made of fiberboard, pressed-wood, or composition materials
apostillecertification/legalization of a document for international use (1961 Hague Convention)

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archbishopin the Roman Catholic faith, the head of an archdiosese
aronHebrew word meaning container; a casket made entirely of word, containing no metl
arrangement conferencethe meeting between the funeral director and the client family during which the funeral arrangements are discussed
artificial grassan imitation of grass made in mat form and used at the cemetery to cover the earth around the grave
at-need counselingcounseling with the family as they select the services and items of merchandise in completing arrangements for the funeral service
bishopleader of multiple churches in a particular denomination; in the Roman Catholic faith, the head of a diocese, in the LDS (mormon) a bishop of the ward is the head of a single church
bonzename of a buddhist priest
book of datesterm used in the buddhist faith to describe a calender that is used to determine an accurate time for casketing the body

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brotherin the Roman Catholic faith, a man who is a member of the religious order without being ordained or while preparing for ordination
brotherhoodrelating to a social organization
burial-transit permit (disposition permit)legal document, issued by a governmental agency, authorizing transportation and or disposition of a dead human body
canopy (cemetery tent)portable shelter used to cover the grave area during a commital
cantora religious singer who assists the clergy; assists the rabbi in the jewish faith; assists the priest in the eastern orthodox faith
cardinalin the Roman Catholic church faith, a dignity conferred upon bishops making the princes of the church
cash advance itemsmay include cemetery or crematory services, pallbearers, public transportation, clergy honoraria, flowers, musicians, nurses, obit notices, gratuities, death certificates
cash advancemoney you pay in advance to the funeral home to cover charges of certain items or services obtained from third party vendors.

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casket bearerone who actively bears or carries the casket during the funeral service and at the commital service
celebrantthe officiant who celebrates Mass in the Roman Catholic Church
cemeteryarea of ground set aside and dedicated to the final disposition of dead human bodies
certified copy of dclegal copy of the original death certificate
chancel portion of the church surrounding the altar, usually enclosing the clergy; area behind the altar or communion rail
chapelbuilding or designated of a building in which services are conducted
chaplainperson who is chosen to conduct religious exercises for the miltarty, the chapel of an organization or a fraternal organization
Chevrah KadishaHebrew phrase meaning "Holy Society", a group of men or women from the synagogue who care for the dead; they may be reffered to by laymen a the "washers" used to take care of all arranements

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christian burial certificatea letter or form from a priest stating the eligibility of the deceased for burial in a Roman Catholic cemetery
columbariuma structure, room, or space in a masoleum or other building containing niches or recesses used to hold cremated remains
committal servicethat portion of the funeral that is conducted at the place of disposition
common carrierany carrier required by law to convey passengers or freight without the refusal if the approved fare or charge is paid (airline, train)
contemporary funeral ritefuneral observances that reflect present day (modern) influences in lieu of ( or in addition to ) the traditional ceremony
coronerpublic officer whose chief duty is to investigate questionable deaths
cortegehistorical reference for funeral procession
cotportable strecher commonly employed in an ambulance or transfer vehicle for the sick, injured, or deceased
cremated remainsresult of the reduction of a dead human body to inorganic bone fragments by intense heat

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cremationreduction of a dead human body to inorganic bone fragments by intense heat in a designed retort
crematoryfurnace or retort for cremating dead human bodies; a building houses the retort
crossreligious emblem consisting of two plain bars that intersect at right angles to each other
crucifier/corssbearerone who carries the cross during an ecclestial procession
crucifixcross with a figure or image representing the body of christ (corpus) on it
cryptchamber in a masoleum, generally used to contain the casketed remains of a deceased person
deaconsubordinate officer in a christian church
death certificatelegal document containing vitals, disposition, and final medical info of the deceased

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death noticeclassified notice publicizing the death of a person and giving those details of the funeral service that the survivors wish to have published
deceaseddead human body
denturesfalse teeth
department of veteran affairs/VAfederal agency that administers benefits provided by law for veterans of the armed forces
diocesein the Roman Catholic Faith, a geographical grouping of Parishes under the jurisdiction of a Bishop
direct cremationdisposition of human remains by cremation with out any viewing or church service
direct dispositionany method or disposition of human remains without viewing or service

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dismissalleading to an organized departure or inviting to leave
divine liturgyliturgical celebration of the Eucharistic in Eastern Orthodox Churches
ecclesiasticpertaining to the church or clergy
elegyson or poem expressing sorow or lamentation of the dead
elderin Jehovah Witness faith, the person who typically conducts the service
El Malei Rachaminin Jewish Faith, a memorial service; literally "God Full of Compassion"; usually the last prayer of the funeral service; sometimes referred to as the Malei
emtombmentplacing of the remains in a crypt in a masoleum
epitatpha commemorative inscription on a tomb or cemetery maker
escortto accompany, as a leader of the procession or guardian of the group; military personell
eucaristconsecrated elements of holy communion

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eucharistic ministerlayperson sanctioned to administer holy communion and other assigned tasks
eulogyoration praising an individual, usually after death
event planningprocess of planning and or coordinating a ceremony or activity
final commendationin the Roman Catholic faith, ending portion of the funeral mass
forwarding remainsrequired to be itemized on the GPL. Involves service of the funeral provider in the locale where death occurs and prepartion for transfer to another funeral provider as selected by the family. Funeral rule requires package pricing of this service with a description of the componenets
fraternalrelating to a social organization
funeral servicerites held at the time of disposition of human remains, with the body present

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funeral arrangementsterm applied to the completing of the service and financial details of the funeral at the time of need
funeral liturgy (funeral mass)name of the funeral service in the Roman Catholic church
funeral processionprocession of vehicles from the place of the funeral to place of disposition
funeral ritesany funeral event performed in a solemn and prescribed manner
Gathathe first two and lastg two verses of a Buddhist hymn sung at the funeral service
General Price Listprinted list of goods and services offered for sale by funeral provider with retail prices. Considered the keystone of the funeral rites
Genuflectact of bending the knee as an indication of reverence or an act of humility
gratuitytip or small amount o money for services rendered

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gravean excevation of earth for place of internment
graveside servicefuneral service, religious or otherwise, conducted at the grave
grave strapswebbing or similar material used for lowering the casket into the grave
greeneco friendly
guaranteed contractswhere the funeral home guarantees that the services and merchandise will be provided at the time of need for an amount not exceeding the original amount of the contract plus any accruals, regardless of the cost of providing the services and merchandise at the time of funeral
HespedIn the Jewish Faith, a eulogy or true evaluation of the deceased's life that is a part of the funeral service
holy waterwater blessed by a priest
honorariumcompensation or recognition for services performed
honorary pallbearersfriends of the family or members of an organization or group who act as an escort or honor guard for the deceased

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humanistic funeralfuneral rite that is an essence devoid of religious connotation
iconin the Eastern Orthodox faith, a holy picture; usually mosaic or printed on wood
iconostasis, iconostas, iconostationin the Eastern Orthodox Church, the partion that extends across the front of the church separating the sanctuary from the solea
IHSfirst 3 letters in the Greek word for Jesus
immediate burialdisposition of remains by burial with no formal viewing or service
informantone who supplies the vital statistics concerning the deceased
INRIabbreviation for "Jesus of Nazareth, King of Jews"
Inter (Inhume)act of placing the dead human body in the ground
internment, burialact of placing the dead human body in the ground

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inurnmentact of placing cremains in an urn...act of placing cremated remains in a niche or grave
irrevocable contractcontract for future funeral services, which cannot be terminated or canceled prior to the death of a beneficiary
Islamthe religion if Muslims that began at the time of Mohammed; Muslims believe that muslim Islam stands for purity, peace, submission to God's (Allah's) will and obedience to his laws
JInazahin the Islamic faith, the funeral or funeral prayer
Kaddishin Jewish faith, a prayer recited for the deceased by the direct mourners (parents, siblings, kids) for the first time at the conclusion of internment service. Children recite 11 months, all others 30 days
Keverin Jewish faith the grave
Kevurahin Jewish faith the burial
Kinone's relatives referring to blood relationship

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Koranholy book of the Islamic faith, revealed by the angel Gabriel to Mohammed
Kingdom Hallthe appropriate term for the worship facility for the Jehovah's Witnesses
KriahHebrew word meaning rending or tearing; a symbol of grief; a tear in the upper portion of the garmant or a tear on the Kriah ribbon
Levayain the Jewish faith, the funeral procession
Liturgical (Eucharist-Centered) Worshipa prescribed order or form of worship specific to a particular denomination which will have the Eucharist or Holy Communion as its centeral element
lota subdivision of a cemetery that consists of several grave or internment spaces
lowering devicea mechanical device used to lower a casket into the ground
Makura-gyotraditionally, in the Buddhist faith ad beside prayer which may now be performed by the bonze just beofre funeral arrangements are made

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Massthe liturgical celebration of the eucharist in the Roman Catholic church
Mass Card (spiritual bouqet)a document indicating the offering of a Mass for a specific intention
mausoleuma building containing crypts or vaults for entombment
memorial folder (service folder)a pamphlet made available at the funeral service giving details about the deceased and the funeral arrangement
memorial gatheringa scheduled assembly of family and friends following a death
memorial parka cemetery, or section of a cemetery, with only flush-to-the ground markers
memorial servicefuneral rites with the body not present
menorahin the Jewish faith, a candelabrum with a central stem bearing seven candles; it is the oldest symbol in Judaism

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military escortmilitary personnel assigned to accompany a body following an active duty death
Mogen David (Star of David)In the Jewish faith, a hexagram firmed by the combination of twoNational C triangles. Symbolizes new hope for Jewish hope
Mohammed (Muhammad)a prophet of the Islamic religion born 571 CE; considered by Muslims to be God's messenger, but not worshipped or considered to be devine
Monsignoran honorary title conferred upon a priest
Mosque (Masjid)the local church building; containing no icons, statues, symbols, pews, chairs, or musical instruments
Muslim (Moslem)the name given to a member of the Islamic faith
Narthex (lobby, vestibule, foyer)the entry way into the funeral home or church
National Cemeterya cemtery created and maintained under an Act of Congress for burial of veterans or miltary service and their eligible family members

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Navethe seating or auditorium section of a church
nichea recess or space in a columbarium used for the permanent placing of cremated remains
Nirvhanathe Buddhist idea of a heavenly peace for Pure Land
Non-Guaranteed Contractone in which the funeral home only agrees that the amount prepaid plus any accurals will be credited to the balance due. However, the price of the funeral will be whatever the current price of the funeral will be whatever the current price for services and merchandise at the time of death
Non-Liturgical (Scripture-Centered)form or order of worship which has the scripture as its central element; the actual form or order of the worship service is left to the discretion of each individual church and or minister
obituarynews item concerning the death of a person which usually contains a biographical sketch
obsequiesfuneral rites or burial ceremonies
officiantone who conducts a religious service or ceremony

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