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Convex Nasal Profile (Roman, aquline)nasal profile which exhibits a hump in it's linear form
Convex Profilebasic profile form in which the forehead recedes from the eyebrows while the chin recedes from the plane of the upper lip (most common)
Convex-Vertical Profileprofile variation in which the forehead recedes from the eyebrows while the chin and upper project equally to an imaginary line
Cool Huecolor that creates the impression of coldness, such as blue, green, or purple; receding color; short on waves
Cords of the Neckvertical prominence of the neck

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Corneatransparent structure which constitutes the antrior part of the external layer of the eyeball
Coronoid Processthe anterior, non-articulating process of the ramus of the mandible which serves as the insertion for the temporalis muscle
Corrective Shaping with Cosmeticscosmetic technique which consists of highlighting those parts of the face or individual features to enlarge or bring them forward or shadowing them to reduce appearance of size or deepen a depression
Corrugator Musclemuscle of face which draws the eyebrows inferiorally and medially
Cosmeticpreparation for beautifying the complexion, skin, etc.

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Cosmetic basethe first applied cream or cosmetic
Cosmetistthe cosmetologist; the person applying a cosmetic or wax
Craniumthe part of the skull which encloses the brain
Cream Cosmetica semi-solid cosmetic
CreamingApplication of massage-cream or petroleum jelly to a surface

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Cresttop of a curve (as a wave) where the direction changes
Criboform Platethe horizontal plate of the ethmoid bone separating the cranial cavity from the nasal cavity
Crimsona deep purplish-red color
Crownthe topmost part of the head
Crurabifurcation of the antielix of the ear
CrusThe part of the helix of the ear which is flattened in the concha

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Cuticle RemoverA solvent commercially-prepared; used to remove dead cuticle from the nails and aid in the removal of obstinate scabs
DecapitateTo cut off the head
DecompositionSeparation of compounds into simple substances by the action of microbial or autolytic enzymes
Deep FillerMaterial employed to fill cavities or excisions and serves as a foundation for the superficial wax restoration
DehydrationPartial loss of moisture content

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DenseHaving the component parts closely compacted together, relatively opaque
DensityThickness of the applied cosmetic
Dental PrognathismOblique insertion of the teeth
Dental TieA ligature of superior and inferior teeth employed to hold the mandible in position
Denture Set of artificial teeth

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DepressTo lower inferiorly or to reduce projection
DepressionA hollow or lower region; the lowering of a part
Depressor Angulus Oris/Triangularis MuscleDepresses the angle of the mouth
Depressor Labii Inferioris/Quadratus MuscleDraws the lower lip inferiorly and slightly lateral
DepthThe state or degree of being deep
DermaDermis; especially the corium, or true skin

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DesquamationSkin slip; the separation of the epidermis from the dermis as a result of putrefaction
Desiccation Rendered thoroughly dry; exhausted of moisture
DeviationVariation from the common or established
DiamondFrontal view geometric head shape which is widest across the cheekbones, narrowing in width in both forehead and jaws
Digastricus MuscleDraws the hyoid bone anteriorly and posteriorly

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Diltutiona substance thinned or reduced in concentration and thereby lessened in brilliance
DimplesShallow depressions located on the cheek or chin; rounded or vertical
Disarticulate to disjoin bones
Dissectionact or cutting apart
Distendto expand or swell
DistensionA state of stretching out or become inflated

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DistortionState of being twisted or pushed out of natural shape or position
Dorsumback; protruding bridge of the nose
Dry RougeA compacted cake type of red cosmetic
Drying Powdera white powder used to dry a cosmetized surface
Drynessfreedom from wetness; a condition of tissues necessary for the adhesion of cement, sealer, deep filler, or wax

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DuskySomewhat dark in color
Earpinna; the organ of hearing
Ecchymosisbruise; a discoloration of th skin caused by the escape of blood within the tissues and generally attended by swelling
EdemaAbnormal accumulation of fluids in the tissues or body fluids
Electric SpatulaAn electrically-heated blade that may be used to dry moist tissues, reduce swollen

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ElevationA raised surface or part
Elliptical CurveA relatively long but slightly dipping curve
EmaciationExcessive leanness; a wasted condition of the body; sunken surfaces if the face
EmbedImbed; to fix or fasten in a surrounding area
EminenceA prominence or projection of a bone
EmollientA smoothing agent; having the power of softening living tissues , such as massage cream

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EmphasisUsing the same color light as the same color of the object
EmuslionA permanant mixture of two or more immiscible substances (oil & water) which are united with the aid of a binder (gum) or emulsifier (soap)
EnucleationThe removal of an entire mass or part, especially a tumor or the eyeball, without rupture
EpidermisThe outermost layer of skin; the cuticle or scarf skin
Ethera clear, volatile liquid used as a wax solvent or to remove grease, oil, and adhesive tape stains

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EvertTurn outward
ExcisionTo remove as by cutting out; the area which something has been cut out
Exposed AreaAny visible surface that is to remain uncovered and unclothed
External Auditory MeatusEar passage; the deep hole located in the inferior portion of the medial one-third of the ear on the anterior border
External PressureWeight applied to a surface
ExtractionDrawn or pulled out

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Eyebrows (supercillia)Superficial hairs covering the supercilliary arches
Eyebrow PencilA cosmetic in pencil form for coloring hair
EyecapA thin, dome like shell made of hardened cloth, metal, or plastic; used beneath the eyelids to restore the natural curvature, and holds lids closed
EyelidOne of two movable flaps of skin which cover and uncover the eyeball
EyeshadowA cosmetic color applied to the superior eyelid

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Eyesocket (orbit)The bony region containing the eyeball; the orbital cavity
FaceAnatomically, the region from the eyes to the base of the chin; physiognomically, the region from the normal hairline to the base of the chin
Facial MarkingsThe "character" lines, wrinkles, grooves, cords, and dimples of the face and neck
Facial ProfileThe silhouette of the face from the side view
Facial ProportionsMathematical relationship of the size of the features to each other and/or to the head
FeatherTo reduce gradually to an indistinguishable edge (taper)

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FillerMaterial used to fill a large cavity (plaster of paris, liquid sealer, cotton)
FirmnessDegree of rigidity, stability; a condition of the tissues necessary for the application of wax
Firm Wax/ Wound FillerMost viscous type of wax; a putty-like material used to fill large cavities or model features
First Degree BurnAn injury caused by heat which produces redness of the skin; hyperemia
FloridFlushed with red, said of a complexion
Fluorescent LampLong, electric discharge lamp in which the radiant energy from the electric discharge is transferred by suitable materials (phosphorous) into wavelengths given higher luminosity

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FoldAn elongated prominence adjoining a surface
Foramen MagnumOpening in the occipital bone through which the spinal cord passes from the brain, midway between the two mastoid processes
ForceThe quality of a color to draw attention by means of its intensity or advancing characteristics
ForeheadThe part of the face above the eyes
FossaA depression; concave recess
Fourth degree burnTotal absence of tissue

Section 19

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FractureBroken Bone
FrenulumThe vertical restraining band of flesh on the medial aspect of the inside of each lip connecting the lip with the gum
Frontal (anterior) The anterior view of the face or features
Frontal BoneThe anterior one-third of the cranium, forming the forehead
Frontal EminenceRounded prominences on the median line and a little inferior to the center of the frontal bone

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Frontal Process of the MaxillaThe ascending part of the upper jaw which gradually protrudes as it rises beside the nasal bone to meet the frontal bone; the ascending process of the upper jaw
Funeral LightingThe quality and quantity of illumination used for presentation of casketed remain
Furrow/Sulcus/WrinkleA crevice in the skin accompanied by adjacent elevations
GauzeLight, open-mesh, variety of insulin
GeometricalThe shape of a plane figure determined by its outline (round, oval, square, etc.)

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