NBE Restorative 3

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GlabellaA single bony prominence of the frontal bone located between the supercilliary arches in the inferior part of the frontal bone above the root of the nose
GlycerinA syrupy, colorless liquid obtained from fats and oils as a by-product of the manufacturing of soaps and fatty acids and used as a vehicle for some cosmetics
GrayColor resulting from the mixture of black and white pigments; achromatic; a neutral color; a color resulting from the mixture of complementary hues
Grecian (straight)Nasal profile form in which the dorsum exhibits a straight line from the root to the tip
GreenHue resulting from the mixture of yellow and blue pigments; one of the three secondary color of pigments

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GrooveAn elongated depression in a relatively level plane or surface
HairlineOutline of hair growth on the head or face; lowest centrally located part of the hair of the cranium
Hair PatchNumber of hairs grouped for use as a replacement
Hard PalateAnterior portion of the roof of the mouth
Head ShapeOutline of the exterior margins of the head
HeightDistance above the base; Vertical measurement of part of a feature

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HelixOuter rim of the ear
HemoglobinRed pigment; the protein coloring of the red blood corpuscles which serves to convey oxygen to the tissues; oxyhemoglobin
HighlightSurface lying at right angles to the source of illumination which reflects the maximum amount of life; the brighter or whiter part
Highlihgting with CosmeticsApplication of a color that is lighter or brighter than the complexion color
Horseshoe CurveRoughly U-shaped with the front being narrower then the sweep of the curve
HueThe property of color by which it is distinguished from others

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HumorAny liquid or semi-liquid of the body; for example, the aqueous or vitreous humor of the eyeball
Hunting BowShaped as bent wood weapon with a central belly; resembling a "Cupid" bow
HypodermicApplied or administered beneath the skin
Hypodermic Tissue BuildingInjection of special creams or liquids into the tissues through the use of syringes and needle to restore natural contour
IlluminationGiving or casting of light

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Incandescent lightA filament lamp rendered luminous by electric current; white light
Incision A clean cut into skin or tissue
Incisive FossaThe area between the mental eminence and the inferior incisor teeth
Incisor teethThe four front cutting teeth of each jaw
InclinationA line which is neither horizontal or vertical

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Indigo A blue dye obtained from plants or synthetically, usually from aniline dyes; a deep violet blue, designated as one of 7 primary colors
InfantineBabyish, childlike, in regard to too much adipose tissue
InferiorBeneath; Lower; the under surface of an organ or indicating a structure below another structure; towards the feet
Inferior Integumentary LipPart between the inferior margin of the inferior mucous membrane and mental eminence
Interior Nasal ConchaeThe lowermost scroll-shaped bones on the sidewalls of the nasal cavity
Inferior Palpebral SulcusThe furrow of the inferior border of the eyelid

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Inflammationthe reaction of the tissues to injurious agents, usually characterized by heat, redness, swelling, and pain
Infranasal PrognathismA form of prognathism in which the base of the nasal cavity protudes abnormally
InfaredThe part of the invisible spectrum adjacent to the red end of the visible spectrum
InhibitTo restrain, hinder, or retard
InjectTo introduce forcibly
Inner CanthusSmall elevations extending medially and obliquely from the medial corner of the eye

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Integumentary LipsSuperiorly, the skin portion of the upper lip from the attached margin of the upper mucous membrane to the base of the nose; and inferiorly, the skin portion of the lower lip from the attached margin of the lower mucous membrane to the labiomental sulcus
Intense Existing in a high degree of brilliance, vivid
IntensifyTo become more brilliant or more vivid in color
IntensityThe strength of a color, due to specially its degree of freedom from a mixture with its complementary colors or gray; equivalent to its brightness or dullness
Intercilliary SulciThe vertical or transverse furrows between the eyebrows
Intermediate HueClassification of color produced by mixing a primary and secondary color which are adjacent on the color wheel (red-orange, yellow-green, blue-purple)

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Intertragic NotchNotch between the tragus and the antitragus of the ear
Intradermal SutureType of suture used to close incisions so that the suture thread remians entirely under the epidermis; a hidden suture
InversionTissues turned in an opposite direction or folded inward
Inverted triangle3-sided figure whose base is superior to its vertex
JawlineLower border of the chin & jaw

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JuxstapositionSimultaneous contrast; any two colors seen together modify each other in the direction of their complements, they enrich eachother; if they are not complements, they dull eachother
Labial SulciThe vertical furrows of each lip extending from with the mucous membrane into the integumentary lips
Labiomental SulcusThe junction of the inferior lip and the chin, which may appear as a furrow
LacerateTo tear, as into irregular segments
LacerationA wound or irregular tear of the flesh

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LanolinOil from sheep wool
Lanugo"downy hair", thin fuzzy growth of hair; peach fuzz
LateralToward the side
LeakEscape of blood or fluid
LengthA vertical dimension
LeptorrhineClassification given to a nose which is long, narrow, and high bridged

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Levator Anguli Oris MuscleElevates the angle of the mouth
Levator Labii Superioris Alaque Nasi MuscleElevates the superior lip, dilates the nostril
Levator Labii Superioris MuscleA muscle of facial expression which elevates and extends the upper lip
LigateTo tie or bind
LigatureA thread, cord, or wire used for tying vessels, tissues, and or bones

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LightTo shine; a form of electromagnetic radiation that acts upon the retina of the eye to make sight possible
Line of ClosureThe line that forms between 2 structures, such as the lips or the eyelids, when they are in a closed position, which marks their place of contact with each other
Linear SulciEyelid furrows which are short and broken, which run horizontally on the palpebrae
Lip brushA small, flat brush having soft hairs of uniform length
Liquid CosmeticA fluid, facial colorant in which pigments are dissolved or suspended
Liquid sealerA quick-drying fluid adhesive

Section 14

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Liquid SuspensionAn aqueous mixture of powder with a suspending agent
LobeInferior third of the ear
Loop StitchA single, noose like suture for anchoring restorative materials
MagentaVery reddish, red-purple as of a colored illumination; a purplish-red color
Major restorationOne requiring a long period of time, are extenisve, or require technical skill
MakeupCosmetic material; the way in which one is painted; the process of application of a cosmetic

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MandibleA horseshoe shaped bone forming the inferior jaw
Mandibular FossaGlenoid fossae; the small oval depression on the zygomatic process of the temporal bone into which the condyle of the mandible articulates, just anterior to the external auditory meatus
Mandibular PrognathismProtrusion of the mandibular jaw
Mandibular SulcusThe furrow beneath the jawline, which rises vertically on the cheek
Mandibular sutureA stich used to hold the mouth closed; placed behind the lips, one part is passed around the inferior jaw at the median plane (while other part extends through either the nasal septum or superior frenulum)

Section 16

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MarginA boundry or edge
MascaraA preparation used to darken eyelashes
MaskAnything that hides or conceals as cosmetics; a facemask
Massage CreamA soft, white, oily preparation resembling cream and used as a protective coating for external tissues; base for cream cosmetics and a wax softener, an emollient
Masseter Musclemuscle for mastication

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Mastoid ProcessThe rounded projection of the inferior portion of the temporal bone just posterior to the lobe of the ear
MatteHaving a dull finish; as afforded by the application of loose powder, lack of sheen
MaxillaA paired bone with several processes that form the skeletal base of most of the superior
Maxillary PrognathismProtrusion of the superior jaw
MedialMiddle; nears the medial plane
Medial LobeTiny prominence on the midline of the superior mucous membrane

Section 18

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Medial PlaneSituated or placed in the middle of the body dividing it into the right and left halves
MelaninThe brown to black-brown pigment in the epidermis and hair
Mental EminenceA triangular projection on the inferior portion of the anterior mandible
Mentalis MuscleElevates and protrudes the inferior lip, wrinkles the skin over the chin
MesorrhineClassification given to a nose which is medium-broad and medium-low bridged

Section 19

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Minor restorationOne requiring minumum effort, skill, or time to complete
MixtureA composition of two or more substances that are not chemically bound to each other
ModelingConstructing a form with a pliable material such as wax or clay
MonochromaticVariations of one coor (hue); tints, tones, and shades of one hue
Mottle To diversify with spots or blotches of a different color (or shade)
Mouth FormerA device used in the mouth for shaping the contour of the lips

Section 20

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Mucous MembranesThe visible red surfaces of the lips; the lining membrane of body cavities which communicate with the exterior
Musculature SutureA stich used to hold the mouth closed; placed behind the lips; part is passed through the muscles tangesnt to the inferior jaw and the other parts extend through the septum or the superior frenulum
MuteTo reduce the intensity of a color by the addition of another color
MutilatedDisfigured by the loss of a natural part through force
Nasal BonesDirectly inferior to the glabella and forming a dome over the superior portion of the nasal cavity; triangular form

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