NBDE1 Sergiu Dental Anatomy

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Keratinized Oral mucosaVermilion border of the lips; Hard palate; Gingiva; Dorsal surface of the tongue
The principal fibers of the periodontal ligament are arranged in:5 groups (Alveolar crest group, Apical Group, Oblique group, Horizontal group, Interradicular group)
The terminal portion of the principal fibers that are inserted into cementum and bone only are termed:Sharpey's fibers
Group of fibers of PDL found only between the roots of multirooted teeth (furcation)Interradicular group
The gingival fibers are arranged in:5 groups (Circular group, Dentogingival group, Alveologingival group, Dentoperiosteal group, Transseptal group)
The junctional epithelium consists of a collar like band of:Stratified squamous NonKeratinized Epithelium
The junctional epithelium is located in healthy tissues at:The CEJ
The junctional epithelium is formed by:The confluence of the Oral Epithelium and the Reduced Enamel Epithelium during tooth eruption
Bone consists of:2/3 inorganic matter (calcium, Phosphate, fluoride...) and 1/3 organic matrix (collagen type 1, osteoblasts, proteins, proteoglycans )
The alveolar process consists of:An external plate of cortical bone (Corticala dura a osului), Alveolar bone proper (seen as lamina dura in radiographs), Cancelous trabeculae between these 2 compact layers.
The width of PDL is:0,2 mm
The most common cells of PDL:Fibroblasts-they sinthesize collagen (osteoblasts and cementoblasts also present but in lower amounts)
The boundaries of the attached gingiva:From the mucogingival junction to the free gingival groove
The tissues that surround and support the teeth are called the "Periodontium"---it is divided into 2 parts:1) Gingiva 2)Attachment apparatus (Alveolar process of maxillae and mandible, Periodontal ligament, Cementum)
The Attachment Apparatus of teeth is formed by:Alveolar process of maxillae and mandible, Periodontal ligament, Cementum
The amount of collagen in a tissue can be determined by its_______ contentHydroxyproline
The narrowest band of attached gingiva is found on:The Facial surfaces of mandibular canine and first premolar and the lingual surfaces adjacent to the mandibular incisors and canines
Enamel consists of: 96% of inorganic matter, 1% organic matrix and 3% water

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