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Question Answer
primitive squeeze grasp4 months
palmar grasp5 months
most primitive reflexes gone6 months
righting reactions reflexes and STNR6 months
scissor grasp8 months
holds bottle8 months
fine pincer1 year
finger feeds1 year
dips spoon but inverts it before mouth1 year
eats with spoon correctly1.5 years
carry things without dropping3 years
regular toileting with accidents3 years
I in toileting5 years
dynamic tripod6 years
static tripod4 years
thematic groupto learn a specific skill
task orientated groupto increase awareness of feelings through activity
topical groupto discuss activities/events outside of the group
intermediate and advaced OTA can superviseLevel I OT fieldwork student
Entry level OT can't superviseLevel II OT fieldwork student
Medicare Part A coversHopsital Home health Hospice SNF
Acute Care hospital length of stay1-7 days
Subacute care hopsital LOS5-30
To qualify for eval for Early Interventionat risk
To get early intervention services33% in one area, 25% in two areas
for tongue thurstuse bowl of spoon to hold down tongue
cataracts, macular degeneration, diabetic retinopathykeeps peripheral vision
Dupuytren's: fingers permananetly flexed
Carpal tunnel, pronator teres ; median nerve
Question Answer
Guyon's Canal, cubital syndromeulnar
radial nerve injury causeswrist drop, can't extend fingers
neuromain amputation, nerve endings adhere to scar tissue
central cord syndromeaffects upper more than lower
Brown-Sequardone side movement missing, one side temp/pain missing
dystoniaabnormal postures
Dupuytren'sfingers permananetly flexed
Carpal tunnel, pronator teresmedian nerve
sclerodermacoldness in fingers poor circulation
precautions with sclerodermano exercise
Post cardiac surgery precautionsisometic, straining, overhead exercise, holding UE above head
Splint for burnsairplane
Splint for Bouinteersilver ring
Splint for Swan Necksliver ring or figure of 8
arthritisfunctional splint
2-incomplete rom without gravity
2complete ROM with gravity
2+complete ROM with slight pressure
3-incomplete ROM against gravity
ataxiafailgure of muscle coordination
tone is decreased withcold
stabs with fork2 years
effective mastication9 months
eats meat and raw vegetables2 years
able to drink from a cup9 months
firm jaw, rotary chewing1 year
in feeding avoid headextension
facilitate lip closureupward pressure with index finger under lip
faciliatate jaw closurefirm pressure from middle finger under jaw
facilitate swallowdownward pressure on middle of tongue
facilitate chewingput soft cooked vegetables between teeth and gums
Peabodybirth to 6 (motor)
Brunick's4-21 motor
Hawaiibirth to 3 (devel)
Bayleybirth to 3.5 (devel)
radial digital grasp8 months
slow stroking of muscleinhibits
vibrationactivates muscle
quick stretchactivates muscle
joint approximationinhibits muscles
slow, rythmic movementinhibits muscles
can drink from a cup9 months

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