Nazi policies

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Increased hours and pay Average wage went to 109marks by 1939 -increase in hours -not benefit coz the cost of living increased too
The German labour front Abolished trade unions - threat - they replaced it with German labour front -compulsory- couldn't fight for better rights -nazis could. Dictate
The beauty of labourThe German labour front ran this scheme- it's aimed to improve working conditions- swimming pools canteens- worker hard to do it themselves - not v popular / made them happier
Strength through joyThe German labour front - ran this scheme too -enjoyable cheap activities - some cruises - more motivated -more productivity/some couldn't afford some things such as cruises
The voltswagen(people's car )Cheap for workers to afford - 5 marks per week , by 1939 not able to save enough money -spent on rearmament -lost out of money not refunded

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Reduce unemployment - work schemesUsed public work schemes -build motorways- 1936 Olympics -more jobs and more efficient quicker to carry goods
National labour service Started by Weimar republic and continued by the nazis -compulsory age 18-25 - work -not piopular -long hours
Rearment Prepare for war -army built up 900,000 men - more jobs in army and by creating the equipment
Invisible unemployment Gov not take in to account all groups -Jews /women/those in c camps- hiding by 1939 3 million unemployed

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Self sufficent -new plan Less reliant on imported goods -limited imports and trade agreement benefit from other trades- less comp against German businesses / removed from job schacht -spoke against hitter
Goring 4 year plan Buisiness produce synthetic materials- Germany depended on other countries -not successful - also makin weapons over food -food shortages -not enough food

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1933 Boycott Jewish shops
1935Nuremberg -not able to be married to German or be citizens
1938 Jewish children banned from schools- Jews none Jewish names -Sarah for girl Israel for a boy
1938 krkristallnacht -91jews killed - pay fine of 1 billion
1939 Ghettos -starve and die
1941 After invading Russia rounded up Jews and dig a grave and shot them
1942 Wa see conference -wanted final solution- kill all Jews - by end of war 6million dead

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