Nayeli Soto - Medieval Japan Test Questions

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Question Answer
1.)Clans -Extended families
2.)Shinto -The traditional religion of Japan
3.)Prince Shotoku -One of the people most influential in bringing Chinese ideas to Japan. He served from 593 to 621 as regent for his aunt, the empress.
4.)Regent -Is a person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule alone.
5.)Court -A group of nobles who live near and serve or advise a ruler.
6.)Lady Murasaki Shikibu -One of the greatest writers in early Japanese history.
7.)Zen -A popular new form of Buddhism that arrived from China.
8.)Unprecedented -Having no equal
9.)Equestrian - Related to horse
10.)Mustered -Gathered together
11.)Brocades -Rich cloths with designs woven into them
12.)Cormorants -Large diving birds
13.)Inferiority -Lower rank
14.)Brace - Pair
15.)Repast -Meal
16.)Unpretentious -Simple; modest
17.)Coronets -Small crowns
18.)Daimyo - Japan's large landowners.
19.)Samurai - Trained professional warriors.
20.)Figureheads -A person who appears to rule even though real power rests with someone else.
21.)Shoguns -A general who ruled Japan in the emperor's name.
22.)Bushido -The samurai code of rules.
What type of landforms cover most of Japan?Mountains are the type of landforms that cover most of Japan.
How did Japan's location separate it from China and Korea?Japans's location was separated from China and Korea by the Sea of Japan and the East China Sea.
How did Japan's location tie it with China and Korea?Japan's location tied it with China and Korea because of the shortest distance.
What is Shinto?Shinto is the traditional religion of Japan.
How did Yamato rulers gain power?They built up armies and conquered their neighbors.
How did Price Shotoku help spread Buddhism in Japan?He built a grand Buddhist temple and wrote commentaries on Buddhist teachings.
What is a clan?A clan is an extended family.
Who was Price Shotoku?He was one of the people most influential in bringing Chinese ideas to Japan.
What is a regent?A person who rules a country for someone who is unable to rule alone.
What are Japan's four main islands?Japan's four main Islands are Hokkaido, Honshu, Shikoku, and Kyushu.
Are most of Japan's major cities in the interior or on the coast? Why do you think this is so?Most of the major cities of Japan are on the coast because the mountains are hard to live on.
What Is Japan's geography like?The interior is mostly mountainous, while the coast is flatter and has food.
How did emperors take power in Japan?Yamato clan leaders conquered the neighboring clans with their military might.
What was the unit of political life in early Japan?The unit of political life in early Japan was clans.
Why didn't the clan leaders not want a Chinese-style rule?They were afraid to give up their power.
Who was Lady Murasaki Shikibu?She is a Japanese writer credited with writing the world's first novel.
Where did Japan' court move in the late 1700s?They moved to Heian.
Why are the 800s to the 1100s considered a golden age for Japanese literature and art?They are considered a golden age because the Heian were the center of culture and education like fashion, arts, and visual arts.
Why were two forms of Buddhism that developed in Japan?The two forms were Pure Land and Zen Buddhism.
What are forms of art that were popular in the Heian period?Fashion, literature, visual art, architecture, and preforming arts were forms of art that was popular in the Heian period.