Nayeli Soto - Medieval Europe

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Question Answer
What is Eurasia?Eurasia is the large landmass that includes Europe and Asia.
What is topography?Topography is the shape and elevation of the land in a region.
What is the highest mountain range in Europe?Alps are the highest mountain range in Europe.
Why are grapes and olives are ideal crops for southern Europe?Grapes and olives are ideal to crops for southern Europe because they could be grown on mountains and also can survive the region's dry summers.
Where was Christianity common in the early Middle Ages?Christianity was common only in places like Roman Empire, such as Italy and Spain.
Did the pope send Saint Patrick to Ireland?Yes, pope sent Saint Patrick to Ireland.
Middle Ages- the period lasting from about 500 to about 1500
medieval another name for the Middle Ages
Saint Patrick- Christian missionary credited with converting Ireland to Christianity.
monks - religious men who lived apart from society in isolated communities
monasteries communities of monk
Saint Benedict -monk responsible for creating the Benedictine rule, a code prescribing a monk's behavior.
Charlemagne -warrior and king who led the Franks in building a huge empire.
Crusades -were a long series of water between Christians and Muslims in Southwest Asia.
Holy Land - a religion where Jesus had lived, preached, and died.
Feudal System -kings would give land to noble priest in return for them to pray for the king.
What were two key events in a person's life during the Middle Ages?Baptisms and weddings were key events in a person's life.
Who made up the original British Parliament?The council made up the original British Parilament.
What is the estimated numbers of victims of the Black Death?About 25 million people were victims of the Black Death.