Nayeli Soto - Medieval China

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Question Answer
From which direction did invaders of China almost always come?Invaders of China almost always came from the east and crossed the ocean.
Which religion made a powerful influence on Chinese culture?Confucianism
Who was the first Sui ruler?Yang Jian was the first Sui ruler.
How many years did the Sui dynasty last?It lasted for 29 years.
Name three important Tang Ruler.Taizong, Empress Wu, Xuanzong
During the Period of Disunion, why did Buddhism comforted people?It comforted people because it taught them that they can escape suffering and achieve a state of peace.
What printing technology ultimately superseded woodblock printing?The printing technology that ultimately superseded woodblock printing was the movable type for printing.
Name at least two famous artist and writers in China.Li Qingzhao, Wu Daozi
Name at least two inventions that the Tang and Song dynasties invented.The compass, gunpowder
What is the title usually given in English to a book containing Confucius's ideas?Mencius
Which country today represents the homeland of the Mongols?Northern China
How many year did it take for the Mongol armies to conquer all of China?It took them 16 years.
What was the name of Genghis Khan grandson?Kublai Khan
Who was Genghis Khan?He was known as a powerful leader and a great Mongol warrior who took over northern China.
Which two aspect of Song civilization did Kublai Khan appreciated the most?Civil service and trade routes
What was the reason why the Great Wall of China was built?The reason why it was build was to protect the citizens of China from invaders and for rebellions who wanted to take over the empire.
What did not occur during the Tang dynasty?China underwent a period of disunion and social unrest.
Why did Buddhism spread quickly in China during the period of Disunion?Many Chinese sought to escape suffering and find comfort in the new religion.
What is a reason cities grew during the Tang and Song periods?Businesses expanded to buy and sell agriculture products.
Which of the following was not a Chinese invention of the Tang and Song periods?Crop irrigation
What were Confucius's ideas about?They were about proper behavior.
What is the difference between Neo-Confucianism and Confucianism?Neo-Confucianism is focused on spiritual question.
What did Marco Polo write a book about?He wrote a book about his visit to China.
What did Zheng He not do?He did not bring Marco Polo to China.