Navy Code of Ethics

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Question Answer
Explain the Navy's policy on alcohol use.If you are under the drinking age, you are to say no to alcohol use. If you are of age and choose to drink, you are to use good judgement and drink responsibly.
Explain the Navy's drug policy.Zero tolerance means zero tolerance. Illegal or improper use of drugs during your enlistment could result in possible administrative separation with a less than honorable discharge and loss of veterans benefits.
Explain the Navy's sexual harassment policy.Zero tolerance. Sexual harassment is unacceptable behavior and may result in disciplinary action and less than honorable discharge.It is the responsibility of every member of the U.S. Navy to ensure that sexual harassment is prevented and that any instance of sexual harassment is dealt with swiftly, fairly, and effectively.
Explain fraternization, while in DEP and Boot Camp.During DEP, you are not allowed to develop a private or unofficial relationship with your recruiters. In boot camp, there is no socialization between sexes.
Explain your recruiter's prohibited practices.My recruiter may not:
Coach me to provide false information to affect my enlistment applications;
bribe or coerce me to enlist;
engage with police or authorities on my behalf;
develop a personal or unprofessional relationship with me;
engage in any unofficial financial business with me;
transport me in a personally owned vehicle;
gamble with me;
accept or solicit anything of monetary value from me.