Nautical Terminology

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Question Answer
Bareboat charterRenting a yacht/boat without professional crew
BowThe front end of the ship
SternThe back of the ship
StarboardThe right side of the ship
Port sideThe left side of the ship
KnotsThe speed at which a cruise ship is measured
GalleyThe kitchen on a ship
Bridge The navigational and command control center of the ship
Gross Registered Tons (GRT)A guide to determine size of vessel based on enclosed square footage of usable passenger space.
Shore ExcursionsLand tours at the ports of call sold by the cruise lines or tour companies
AftNear, toward, or at the rear of the ship
TenderA small boat used to shuttle passengers from ship to shore
EmbarkationBoarding the ship.
DisembarkingGetting off the ship
BerthA bed on a ship
DeckA floor of a ship
Deck PlansThe map/layout of the ship
Port of callA place a ship visits
StabilizerAn underwater device that helps reduce of a ship's motion
ZodiacLarger inflatable rubber boat

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