Natural Selection Note BIOLOGY

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artificial selectionbreeding organisms with specific traits in order to produce offspring with ideal traits
natural selectionthe idea that organisms with favorable/beneficial traits survive, reproduce, and pass those traits to the next generation
adaptationsany variation that aids an organism's chances of survival in its environment
mimicryenables one species to remember another species

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what did Darwin hypothesize?that there was a force in nature that picked traits which are better for the survival in a species
1in nature organisms produce more offspring than can survive
2in any population, individuals have variations
3individuals with certain useful variations are the ones that survive in their environment, passing those variations to the next generation
4over time, offspring with the favorable variations make up most of the population or allele frequencymnopo6op6oop66lkjlg


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What is the slow gradual change in a species called ?evolution
What is biodiversity ?variety of alleles within a population
What are Homologous structures ?same ancestor and structures but different functions
What are Analogous Structures?not same ancestor or structure but similar function
What is Artificial Selection ?breeding for desirable traits
What is Natural Selection ?the natural process of the best traits surviving through competition


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What is survival to the fittest?those with he best adapted traits are best "fit" to survive and reproduce
How are natural selection, adaptation, and fitness all interrelated?competition and demonstrates the need to survive long enough to reproduce and pass on the best genetic material