Native American Removal

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Question Answer
Assimilationthe process by which a person or persons acquire the social and psychological charactterist of a group
canala man made water way that connects one body of water to and the next
cotton gina machine for separating cotton from its seeds
circuit ridersa clergy man who traveled on horse back from church to church, especially within a rural methodist circuit
impressmentthe practice of seizing individuals to serve in the british navy
manifest destinythe belief that the united states was destined to expand from the atlantic to the pacific ocean
headright systema system of the distributing land by which each ¨head¨ of a household received one hundred acres plus 50 additional acres for each member of the house
sovereighty the idea of superme power or the source of authority
subsistencedescribes farming where the farmers are able to produce just enough to survive
lotterya plan toward something, such as land, on the basis of chance.
syllabarya group of syllables that stand for whole syllables of a language.
trail of tearsname given to the forced removal of the cherokee to indian terriory (present-day oklhoma)
yazoo land fraudthe sale of western land to four land companies after the members of the general assembly had been bribed.