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Section 1

Question Answer
National PresidentServes as official ambassador and representative of Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity
Senior Vice PresidentServes as the parliamentarian at all national meetings
National Secretary Ensures that accurate records are kept at all national meetings
VP of FinanceGuides the Fraternity fiscally and develops an annual budget with the Executive Director
VP of Membership Development Improves and develops resources to ensure Initiation programs produce strong and dedicated Brothers
VP of Chapter Development Develops programs to foster communication between chapters and improve regional collaboration among chapters
VP of Alumni Development Oversees the development of alumni resources and benefits; assists chapters and associations in improving and enhancing alumni relations
VP of Philanthropy Development Responsible for leading and developing our national philanthropic efforts with our National philanthropy, Teach for America
National CouncilGoverning body of Phi Sigma Pi, subject to the discretion of the Grand Chapter
National StaffEmployees of the National Fraternity who manage the day to day administrative affairs of the Fraternity

Section 2

Question Answer
What is the supreme legislative body of the National Fraternity?Grand Chapter
Phi Sigma Pi's legislative body is composed of:The National Council, one representative from each collegiate and alumni chapter and NAA
What is the executive and administrative body of the National Fraternity?National Council
The National Council is composed of...National President, Senior Vice President, National Secretary, VP of Finance, VP of Chapter Development, VP of Membership Development, VP of Alumni Development and Philanthropy
What is the name of Phi Sigma Pi's National Philanthropy?Teach for America

Section 3

Question Answer
Fraternal orders existed as early as...15th century B.C.
What was the first Greek letter organization to be established in the United States?Phi Beta Kappa
Name one of the two earliest Greek letter organizations for women.Kappa Kappa Gamma
State colleges and universities were once known as and referred to as...Normal or Teacher's colleges
From which Greek letter organization did several of the original Members of Phi Sigma Pi belong to?Phi Lambda Epsilon
Phi Sigma Pi was established at which institution (original name)?State Teachers College at Warrensburg Missouri
State Teachers College at Warrensburg Missouri is now named?University of Central Missouri
What date is Phi Sigma Pi's founding?February 14, 1916
Name the three founders of Phi Sigma PiDr. Eldo L. Hendricks, Dr. C. H. McClure, Dr. Claude A. Phillips
In what year did Phi Sigma Pi become a "National" fraternity?1921
At which school was the second Chapter established?Bradley University in Peoria, IL and Bradley Polytechnic Institute
The first national publication for all Members was called? It was later renamed (blank), which means (blank).Phi Sigma Pi Newsletter; The Lampadion; Little Torch
Why was the 1940 Purple & Gold newsletter established?To maintain closer contact between chapters and the National Office
The information published in either the collegiate newsletter and alumni magazine is confidential and not to be shared with non-members.FALSE
Who was the Brother credited with creating the first membership handbook for Phi Sigma Pi Initiates? Clair B. Wilson
What events in the mid 20th century slowed the momentum and growth Phi Sigma Pi had been experiencing in its early years?Depression and WWII
In what year did Phi Sigma Pi Fraternity become Phi Sigma Pi National Honor Fraternity1966
What action was required for Phi Sigma Pi to allow women to be inducted as Members? The National Constitution had to be amended by the Grand Chapter
The name of the monetary fund used to assist Brothers in need of financial support due to medical illness, personal loss, or other catastrophic hardships?Subrosa Fund
Subrosa means?Under the Rose
Historical documents uncovered by Kappa Chapter and the National Office in 2008...revealed that this woman....inducted in 1945, 32 years prior to the passage of Title IXHelen Wilson

Section 4

Question Answer
Call to Order1
Reading and correction or approval of minutes from last meeting2
Officer Reports 3
Permanent or standing committees' reports 4
Temporary or special committees' reports5
Unfinished business6
New business7
Adjournment 8

Section 5

Question Answer
What is the name of the book that Phi Sigma Pi Chapters, The Grand Chapter and National Council use to run business meetings?Robert's Rules of Order
The purpose for using parliamentary procedures to run a chapter meeting is to:Help the meeting run more efficiently
How do you make a motion? Give an example of a proper motion:By saying "I move that we..." "Go for dinner after this meeting"
How do you end a debate? Call to Question
What does it mean to vote by consent?This means there were no voiced objections- they remained silent
How do you end the meeting?Move to Adjourn
Describe two ways to become an alumnus/a1) Graduation and having an alumni ceremony 2) Transferring to another institution \\
Describe two ways in which alumni can remain actively involved after college1) Financial Support 2) Serving on National Council 3) Attend an alumni convention or national convention
Name the alumni Chapter and/or association in closest proximity to your ChapterBeta Psi-Middle Tennessee

Section 6

Question Answer
What is your Chapter's Greek letter name?Epsilon Lambda
The names of the two fraternal songs are: Brothers Are We and Brother
Who wrote Brothers Are We?Charles Darrin and Edward Ingraham
Who wrote Brother?Thomas E. Daniels
What is the membership certificate called?The Shingle
Whose signatures are located on the certificate? National President and National Secretary
What is the only means by which an individual may become either a collegiate or honorary member of Phi Sigma Pi?The Ritual
What are the fraternity colors?Purple and Gold
What is the auxiliary color?White
What is located at the bottom of the coat of arms? a banner with the greek words of Phi Sigma Pi
What is located at the top of the coat of arms?a lamp
Describe what objects appear on the center part of the coat of armsOpen book with staff laid across it on a field of purple. 3 stars laid diagonally. Clasped rings on field of gold.

Section 7

Question Answer
HandbookClair B. Wilson
KappaHelen Wilson
Honorary Member IXClauda Pennock Todd
AETammy A. Melzvia
Honorary Member AAAnita P. Davis
Founder PresEldo L. Hendricks
Founder DeanClaude A. Phillips
Founder HistoryC.H McClure
1928Rolla F. Wood
1930Walter P. Pervical, and Clarence O. Williams
EducationJoseph M. Torchia
DevotionRichard C. Todd
National LeaderSteven A. DiGuiseppe
National organizationJeffrey L. Johnson
TauDavid L. Batts
Alpha RhoThomas Daniels

Section 8

Question Answer
National President Jonah Goodman
Senior Vice President Erik Walschburger
National Secretary Chistopher McCoy
VP of Finance Matthew Nicoletta
VP of Membership Development Natalie Swierzbin
VP Chapter Development David Serafini
VP of Alumni Development Sarah Cantwell
VP of Philanthropy Development Kyle Williams

Section 9

Question Answer
What is the name of YOUR region? Upper Midwest
Epsilon Sigma University of Iowa
Eta Alpha University of Northern Iowa
Zeta Rho University of Madison
Zeta Phi Iowa State
Zeta Theta University of Illinois-Chicago

Three Ideals

Question Answer
1. The (5 Words) through scholarship, Acquisition and dissemination of Information
2. The (4 Words) and the (3 Words) qualities by promoting and advancing the welfare of humanity and,application of professional skills, fostering of leadership
3. The fostering of non-discriminiatory (2 Words) within Phi Sigma Pi's ranks Fraternal fellowship