National Chain Of Command

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Question Answer
Who is the commander in chief?Honorable Barack Obama
Who is the vice president?Honorable Joe Biden
Who is the secretary of the navy? Honorable Ray Marbus
Who is the secretary of defense? Honorable Ashton Carter
Who is the chief of naval operations? (CNO)Admiral Richardson
Who is the chief of naval education training command? (CNET)Rear Admiral White
Who is the commander of navel service training command? (CNST)Vice Admiral Evans
Who is the master chief petty officer of the navy? Master Chief Petty Officer Stevens
Who is the commandant of the marine corps?General Neller
Who is the sergeant major of the marine corps?Sergent Major Green
Who is the chairman of joint chiefs of staff?General Dunford
Who is the area 5 managerCaptain Daniels

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