Nasal cavity Bones

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Vomer is derived fromit is a jaw derivative = viscercranium. It will receive innervation from V2 and supply from external carotid
Perpendicular ethmoid plateDerived from chondocranium. It iwl be innervated by V1 and supplied by internal carotid.
Relatiionship between crista galli and dura materThe dura mater will attach to the crista galli.
Origin of superior and middle conchaethmoid bone
sphenopalatine foramenlocated at the function between the sphenoid and palatine bone. It is the formanen through which the nasopalatine nerve will transverse to get to the incive foramen.
Name the bones of the floor of the nasal cavitypalatine bone and the maxilla
Define vestibuleopening of the nasal cavity. It is lined with skin with hair to act as a lint trap. It is supported by cartilage.
Name the space superior to the vestible the atrium of the nose. It is also anterior to the middle meatus
Define choancalThe open back walls of the nasal cavity.
Function of the conchaeThey protude into the air space and create turbulance to enable the air to warm. They will also trap contaminants
Define spheno-ehtmoidal recessA space located superior to the superior chonchae. It is an important site because this is where the olfactory nerves are distributed.
What sinus empties into the spheno-ehtmoidal recess sphenoid sinus
Name the 4 paranasal sinusesfrontal, ethmoid, sphenoid and maxillary
How do the sinuses communicate with the nasal cavity?They empty into the nasal cavity.
empty the sphenoid sinusempties into the sphenoi-ethmoidal recess
empty the nasolacrimal ductit empties into the inferior meatus
empty the posterior ethmoidal sinusit empties into the superior meatus via the posterior ethmoidal ostium
empty the maxillary sinusit empties into the maxillary ostium, which is located in the hiatus semilunaris
empty the anterior ethmoidal sinusit empties into the anterior ethmoidal ostium, which is located in the hiatus semilunaris
empty the frontal ethmoidal sinusit empties into the frontonasal duct, whcih will empty into the infundibulum, whcih is located within the hiatus semilunaris
what holes are found in the hiatus semilunaristhere are 3 foramen: anterior ethmoidal and maxillary osteum and the infundibulum, through which the frontonasal duct empties into.
Define: ethmoidal bullaa structure located superiorly to the hiatus semilunaris