Nail Pathology-condition-Appendix 113

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Appendix 113
Nail Pathologycondition
Anonychia (absence of nail)Lichen planus
Onchorrhexis(longitudinal ridging of nail plate)Lichen planus; Darrier disease; Raynaud’s disease
Oncholysis(separation of nail plates)Psoriasis;onychomycosis;Yellow nail syndrome,Contact dermatitis
Photo onycholysis(drug induced oncholysis)Doxycycline
Onchomadesis(shedding of nails)Cancer chemo therapy,Pemphigus vulgaris
Trachyonychia(sand paper nail – Dull,lusterless,irregular nail plate)20 nail dystrophy of childhood,Alopecia areata;Psoriasis ,Lichen planus;Chronic Eczema,Ichthyosis
Melanonychia (Brown black pigmentation)Subungual melanoma(MC), Zidovudine;B12 deficiency
Koilonychia(spoon shaped nails)Iron deficiency
Oil drop sign/Salmon patch(Glycoprotein deposition)Psoriasis
Koenen periungal fibromaTuberous sclerosis (50%cases)
Fir tree/Inverse cheveron pattern(Linear deformity with split in middle of nail)Median nail dystrophy of heller
Dorsal pterygium(due to scarring)Lichen planus,Peripheral vascular disease
Ventral Pterygium(due to growth of hyponichiumScleroderma;SLE;Idiopathic
Coarse pittingPsoriasis
Fine pittingAlopecia areata, Reiter’s disease, Connective tissue disorders
Blue nailsMinocycline; Wilson’s disease,Anti malarials;Bleomycin
Red nailsPolycythemia;carbon monoxide poisoning;SLE
Beau’s linesNutritional deficiency, surgery allergy
Mee’s linesArsenic poisoning, Thallium Poisoning
Terry nails(Milk white nails)congestive cardiac failure, Liver cirrhosis
Half & Half nail(due to melanin deposition)Renal insufficiency, uremia