Musical Terms

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Question Answer
What does Accelerando Mean?a term to show that the music should be played at an increasing speed.
What is an Accompaniment?an additional part of any kind that is less important than another, which serves to support and enhance. Such as a piano to a solo singer.
What is Adagio?An indication of tempo, used to describe a slow movement even when the start of the movement may be at a different speed.
What are affections in music?a theory that a piece of music should bring about a certain state of feeling in those listening.
What is an air (ayre)?Used by early english composers it means a song.
What does alla mean?from italian it means "In the manner of".
What does Allegro mean? it means fast, although not as fast as vivace or presto.
What does Allemande mean?Allemande is a german dance in 4/4 time.
What does Alto mean?Alto is the lower femal or unbroken male voice at a pitch below that of soprano and above that of tenor.
What does Andante mean?means that the music should be played at a walking pace.
What is an Anthem?a short vocal composition.
What is an Arabesque?a descriptive title of short decorative piano pieces of the 19th or early 20th century.
What does Arco mean?is used as an indication to string players that they should use the bow, rather than pluck with the fingers
What does Aria mean?In opera it means a separate song, usually for voice. There are various forms of aria.
What does Arietta mean?A short aria.
What does Ariette mean? signifies a particular form of short aria, of lively character.
What does Assai mean?appears often in speed indications to performers, as in allegro assai (very fast)
What does Atonal mean?music that has no specific tonality. not in a specific key.
What does Aubade mean?is a morning song.