Music Theory Counterpoint Terms

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Question Answer
Cantus FirmusA melody given to write a counterpoint
ConjunctMelodic motion by step
ConsonantA constant harmonic interval
Contrary MotionTwo voices that move in opposite directions
CounterpointTwo voices to make a harmony
Cross RelationChromatic alteration after the diatonic version
Crossed Voices/ OverlappingOne voice moves into the register of an adjacent voice
DisjunctMoving by skip or leap
First Species/ Note-to-NoteEach note is paired with a single note using constant interval
Hidden Parallels (8th, 5th)Similar motion into a perfect interval
Invertible Counterpoint Structured so two lines can be reversed
LeapInterval greater than 3
Oblique MotionOne voice repeats the same pitch
ParallelEach voice moves in the same direction and same interval
SimilarEach voice moves in the he same direction but different interval
SkipInterval of a 3rd
SpeciesTypes of counterpoint
StepInterval of a 2nd
Voice CrossingFour voices
Voice ExchangeTwo voices exchange chord members