Music terms

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Question Answer
GlissandoSliding from one note to another
PizzicatoPlucking Strings
TremolandoVery quick playing of one note
Note bendingCOmmon on string instruments
Muted SoundSpecial sound for brass
ChordTwo or more notes sounding together
TonicChord built on first note of scale
SubdominantChord built on IV
DominantChord built on V
ConcordAll chords agree
DischordNotes disagree
Diatonic harmonyUsing notes that belong to the key
Chromatic hamronyUsing notes outside the key
CadenceFormed by two chords at the end of a passage
Perfect CadenceChord V - I
Interrupted CadenceMinor chord at end
Imperfect CadenceEnds on chord V
Plagal CadenceChord IV - I
TonalityCharacter of piece
TonalIn major or minor key
AtonalSo sense of key
Modal In a mode
ModulateTo change key
DroneBass note held or repeated throughout piece
Pedal noteSingle note repeated
Ground bassIn baroque music where the bass part is repeated throughout
IntervalPitch between two notes
ImitationPlaying a tune a second time
RiffPop music improvised tune repeated
OstinatoClassical Music improvised tune repeated
LoopContemporary Dance music looped drums
HookShort catchy melody idea
FillUsed to fill gap between phrases
OrnamentsDecorative notes that embellish melody
Grace NoteSingle note such as acciaccatura or appoggiatura
TrillPlaying note and note above it quickly
MordentPlaying note, then note above it, then back to first note
PulseBeat of music in piece
TempoSpeed of underlying beat
LargoSlow and broadly
ModeratoModerate speed
Vivace Lively
PrestoVery quick
AccelerandoGradually speeding up
RallentandoGradually slowing down
RitenutoImmediately Slower
RubatoRhythmns are played freely
Top Number Time SignatureHow many beats in a bar
Bottom Number Time SignatureCode for what beat music is measured in
Compound TimeEach beat is a dotted note
SyncopationNotes played off the beat
Cross rhythmnTwo conflicting rythmns heard together
TripletsThree notes played in time of two
UnisonNo chordal accompaniment everyone plays together
HomophonicTwo parts move in harmony
PolyphonicTwo parts weave in and out
FuguePolyphonic but played on solo instrument first.
AcapellaNo instrumental accompaniment
Call and responseWHen solo singer is answered by a voice

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