Music Production

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Music Production
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When is the difference between making a song and scoring a song?Scoring a song involves putting notes to paper.
What does Midi Stand for?Musical Instrument Digital Interface
What is the major difference between Fruity Loops and Pro Tools?Fruity Loops is better for sequencing loops and rhythms. Pro Tools is better for overall production
Can you name the 2 major composition software’s that exist in the marketplace?

Can you name other music production software’s in the market place?
Cubase, Logic, Nuendo, Ableton, etc
What is an interface?A device that lets you connect outside midi or electronic sources to the computer.
What is the job of a producer as it pertains to a cd project?A producer follows a project from beginning to end.
What is editing as it pertains to music?Making changes to a song or project.
What is the difference between acoustic and electronic?Acoustic does not involve electricity.
What is the difference between Mixing and Mastering?Mixing is the balancing and equalization of sounds. Mastering involves the overall image, equalization and final edit of a stereo or surround sound file.
What is the difference between a electronic keyboard and a midi keyboard?A midi keyboard has no sounds.
What is the difference between a beat and a song?A song may involve a beat but a beat does not have to be a song. It can just be a loop.
What is involved in scoring a song?Time Signature, Key Signature, Title, Author and the correct rhythmic placement of notes.

Intellectual Property Rights

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How do you copyright a song?Library of Congress
How much of a sample can you use without having to pay someone else?none
If you do have to obtain a license for a sample what kind of license would you need?Master Use License
If someone wants to record a song that you wrote what kind of license would they need?Mechanical License
What is the standard royalty rate per cd sold in the US?0.09 cents
What are the 3 major royalty companies in the US?BMI, ASCAP, SESAC

Music Facts

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What genre of music is the top selling music in the US.Rock
Name 5 genres of music that originated in the US and then name 2 artists in each of those genres?Jazz, Gospel, Blues, Country, Rock

Music Theory

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Draw 2 staves- Put a treble clef on one and the bass clef on the other.
Fill in the notes that correspond to each clefTreble:
Lines - Every Good Boy
Does Fine
Space: FACE

Lines: Good Boys Do Fine Always
Space: All Cows Eat Grass
What do the top number and the bottom number represent in the time signature?Top Number- How many beats in the measure, Bottom Number- Which note gets one beat
What is meant by the term key signature?The key the song is in.
Draw a quarter, eighth, half and whole note.
What does a dot mean on a note?Take half of the value of the note and add it to it’s original value
How many keys are there on a regular piano?88